Pokemon Go Players Confirm That You Can Choose Sylveon, Espeon, Or Umbreon When Eevee Is Your Buddy

With the recent introduction of Sylveon into Pokemon Go, there has been a lot of speculation about how the new Eevee evolution will work. With so many evolutions possible for Eevee, players have wondered how they can ensure that they end up with the new fairy-type evolution instead of another Umbreon. Well, according to some Japanese Pokemon Go players, players will have the option to choose which evolution their Eevee takes in the mobile game.

A Japanese Pokemon Go site has seemingly confirmed that double evolution options will display for Eevee if the player has collected 70 hearts and walked at least 10 km with Eevee as their buddy. The site, GameWith, took to Twitter to make the announcement and share a screenshot of what the options will look like when the requirements are met.

An English translation of the tweet reads: “I collected 70 hearts with Eevee, which is scheduled to evolve into Sylveon. Since you are walking 10km or more, two evolutionary systems are displayed when you are set as a partner, and you can specify either one to evolve Pokemon.” Looks like players can breathe a sigh of relief when it comes to getting the right evolution.

Of course, all of this stems from the fact that Eevee can have multiple evolutions. Sylveon is the eighth evolution possible for the normal-type Pokemon. Earlier this month when Sylveon was officially announced for the game, Niantic shared how to evolve Eevee into the fairy-type evolution. Players would need to set Eevee as their buddy and then collect a bunch of hearts in order for the Sylveon option to appear. However, two of Eevee’s other evolutions, Umbreon and Espeon, also require Eevee to be set as a trainer’s buddy. This created some confusion with players who wanted to make sure they could snag the Sylveon evolution. Luckily, it seems that Niantic planned for this and a choice is offered to players.

Although, players could skip all of the work and simply use the naming method to get the Eevee they want. This method involves changing the nickname of Eevee in order to get a specific evolution. While Niantic didn’t share the name needed to gain a Sylveon, Pokemon Go players are pretty crafty and have already found out how to do so.

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