Pokemon Go Players Share The Pokemon They Despise The Most

While I'm sure Game Freak and The Pokemon Company would like it to be true, not all Pokemon are loved equally. Even the smallest detail can put an individual off of a certain Pokemon and there are a select few creatures that Pokemon Go players just can't stand. In fact, players have been sharing the Pokemon that they despise the most, whether it be due to how difficult they are to catch or for some other reason that only they can relate to.

Redditor Elga_bolo is the person that put the initial question to the Pokemon Go subreddit, going with Yanma as their pick due to how quickly they move across the screen and how they always have an orange/red ring, making them difficult to catch even when you do land a PokeBall. Redditor Boosted_Bastard must understand their pain, as they similarly go for Zubat because it just will not sit still.

Other Pokemon Go fans are more irritated by the cosmetic foibles of some Pokemon, as Redditor RnbwSheep takes issue with Purrloin and its now infamous standing pose. Historical_Egg is fed up of seeing Yungoos all over the place, especially because the strange yellow hair on its head reminds them of Donald Trump.

Other Pokemon included in the discussion (mainly for how strangely difficult they are to catch) include Dunsparce because of its puny catch reticle, Sudowoodo for its ability to kick balls back at you and make you look like a chump, and Hitmontop because someone finds his little dance creepy. While you might like Yanma or Zubat, just know that a Pokemon Go player is out there somewhere right now, cursing at the thing for dodging yet another PokeBall.

In other Pokemon Go-related news, the game will be appearing at the Pokemon World Championships in London for the first time ever later this month.

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