Pokemon Go Quietly Removes Community Day Ultra Ball Boxes

The relationship between Pokemon Go players and Niantic has never been a particularly strong one despite the game's success. Trainers are up in arms once again this week as one player has shone a light on a Community Day bonus that disappeared unannounced a while ago, also questioning why one coin boxes have been removed from the game.

SparklinStar1440 took to TheSilphRoad subreddit (thanks, NME) to question the disappearance of free Ultra Balls during Pokemon Go's Community Days. “The free box with 30 ultra balls every comm day. It just disappeared 2 CDs ago with no explanation,” the Reddit user writes. They question whether there was communication from Niantic that the free box would be disappearing and they just missed it, but the replies confirm there has been no official word before or since the boxes were removed.

They also point to the removal of one coin boxes, a weekly bonus that had been a staple of Pokemon Go for a while until they disappeared recently. Most agreed with the one coin boxes disappearing without notice also being bad form from Niantic. However, some have defended it since it was advertised as a bonus last season, so players should have assumed it might not be rolled over as a bonus for the new season.

Whichever side of the discussion you fall on when it comes to the one coin boxes, there's plenty of evidence that Niantic's communication with Pokemon Go players could be better. Perhaps the most infamous example came when the studio promised it would give players at least a month's notice when it planned on rolling back some of the changes it introduced to make the game easier to play during the pandemic. The backlash when it didn't give that month's notice was fierce and warranted.

It isn't all bad news when it comes to Pokemon Go, of course, hence its continued success six years on from its massive launch. The mobile game was included in the Pokemon World Championships for the first time this year. The Daily Adventure Incense Lures were also a popular addition, giving players the chance to catch rarer Pokemon on shorter walks.

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