Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: 10 Best Bug-Types

Bug-type Pokemon have had a fantastic glow-up over the last few generations – they went from one of the weakest types with only a few standout exceptions to a perfectly viable type to include on your team, with lots of fantastic new bugs coming out of the woodwork with every new game.

This is no less true of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet – the ninth generation of pocket monsters brings with it a menagerie of great creepy crawlies who thrive on any team, and some of the more classic bugs remain as good as they've always been.

10/10 Spidops

What's this? Do we finally have a spider Pokemon with eight legs?! Well, that's a first for sure. While it may not be the most impressive Bug-type Pokemon to grace the battlefield, there's something about the way Game Freak was able to create an adorable spider that doesn't rely on being a fuzzy little thing that makes Spidops really compelling to use.

That said, it isn't irredeemable if you're forced to rely on it in a fight. First Impression is a great priority move, and it can pivot easily with U-Turn, and Silk Trap is a neat improved Protect.

9/10 Lokix

Lokix is, in a word, radical. In two words, totally radical. This sporty Bug/Dark-type is a physical attacker whose size belies the wallop it can deliver. While its stats don't reach the highest highs, you'll be surprised at how hard it can hit with moves like First Impression and Sucker Punch.

It even gets Axe Kick, a new and very strong Fighting-type move that may confuse the target. Truly, Lokix is an example of an early game Bug-type that manages to be useable all the way to end of the game. Bye bye Butterfree, indeed.

8/10 Vivillon

There's something really captivating about Vivillon, isn't there? The sheer variety of patterns available makes it the collector's dream Pokemon, and it actually manages to work well in a fight if you know what you're doing – Quiver Dance is a fantastic move.

While you can only acquire Fancy Pattern Vivillon in Scarlet & Violet, there's nothing stopping you from transferring other patterns from Pokemon Home – bringing out a Modern Pattern or Sandstorm Pattern Vivillon is sure to impress.

7/10 Forretress

Forretress has been a defensive powerhouse since its introduction, and it seems to get better with every generation. With all sorts of entry hazards at its disposal and moves like Volt Switch to pivot to more capable sweepers, this bulky Bug-type will make for a perfect lead in important battles. Give it Body Press and it can put its immense bulk to use, too.

And really, who could say no to those bewildered eyes? Forretress have a look of permanent surprise, something that endears us greatly to them.

6/10 Rabsca

Rabsca, the Psychic-type dung beetle, is a very interesting Pokemon. Most notable is a move that it shares only with Pawmot, Revival Blessing. While it can only be used once before you have to recover the PP, it will revive a Pokemon on your team with no downsides – that's an incredibly boon for difficult battles.

Even without Revival Blessing, Rabsca is a pretty great special attacker – it has a high Special Attack stat and good coverage moves, such as Electro Ball, Shadow Ball, and Sludge Bomb. Rabsca can surprise any foe.

5/10 Heracross

Heracross has been a fantastic Pokemon ever since its inception. Pairing Fighting with Bug is a powerful type combination that helps cover weaknesses – though Flying-types are suddenly the devil incarnate.

With Close Combat and Megahorn, a high-level Heracross can put the fear into any Pokemon that doesn't resist it. With Swords Dance, it'll threaten even those that do. But also, just look at it. It has one of the sleekest, visually appealing designs in the entire Pokedex.

4/10 Volcarona

Believe it or not, this is only the first of three different Volcarona entries on this list. We start with the vanilla Volcarona, a Bug/Fire-type with pretty stellar Special Attack and enough Speed to make it work. Scarlet & Violet are stacked with physical attackers, so having something a bit more special is nice.

It's also a very rewarding Pokemon to acquire. Larvesta evolves at a frankly ridiculous level 59, making Volcarona a prize you savor after many hours of effort and work. Alternatively, you simply catch one in Area Zero and pat yourself on the back for skipping all the hard work.

3/10 Scizor

Scizor has been a star since its inception, just like Heracross. It has one of the best designs in the entirety of Pokemon and its abilities in combat make it a faithful companion. It's hard to go wrong with Scizor – it has great moves and a very high Attack stat, it simply thrives when faced with a foe it can beat up.

One of the more popular strategies to use with Scizor in the competitive scene is to use its Technician ability with the priority moves it learns, Bullet Punch and Quick Attack, to offset its rather low speed. This is something you can easily put to great use in-game as an accessible and very effective strategy.

2/10 Slither Wing

Volcarona has two paradox forms in Scarlet & Violet, and Slither Wing is the one exclusive to Scarlet and is the Volcarona of the distant past. This version of the Pokemon trades Special Attack for Attack, gets great self-sustenance in Morning Sun, and can devastate early on with the strongest First Impression on the list.

Add to this its utterly badass design that makes it look like a sinister campfire, and you have yourself a total star, on and off the battlefield.

1/10 Iron Moth

As you might be able to guess, Iron Moth is the Violet-exclusive paradox form of Volcarona, and Slither Wing's futuristic counterpart. While Slither Wing took Volcarona in a more physically aligned direction, Iron Moth is basically Volcarona on steroids – it is terrifyingly good at sweeping entire teams with its massive Special Attack and Speed.

And again, there's something about Iron Moth's design that elevates it entirely. It looks like a 3D hieroglyphic, or some futuristic deity to worship – truly a fantastic new look for the fiery moth.

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