Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Makes Paldean Wooper First Poison Ground Type Since Gen 1

A Pokemon Presents earlier this week revealed a shedload more details about Scarlet & Violet, the next titles in the main series of games launching this November. Among those new details was a first look at Paldean Wooper, a regional variant of the gen two Pokemon that will mark a first in the series for more than 25 years.

As highlighted by GamesRadar when spotted on the Scarlet & Violet website, Paldean Wooper is a poison ground type. Not particularly noteworthy until you go back and find the last time Pokemon introduced a poison ground type to its roster was during the original batch of 150 monsters. The new Wooper will join an incredibly short list made up of Nidoqueen, Nidoking, and until now, no other Pokemon whatsoever.

Already pretty special, and a deeper dive into other information revealed about Paldean Wooper makes it even more so. The new Pokemon will know Water Absorb. Since poison types are weak against water attacks, using Water Absorb would mean Wooper will be able to heal itslef instead of taking double damage. More than three months to go, and the little Pokemon is already proving it might be a pretty formidable part of quite a few line-ups.

As for The Pokemon Company's inspiration for Paledean Wooper, as you can see in the Reddit post above, it appears to have been inspired by a real-life creature. The Iberian ribbed newt. Not only is the amphibian native to the region on which Scarlet & Violet has been based, but it's also poisonous, matching Wooper's poison type, and can push out its own ribs to attack its prey. Note the rib pattern on Paledean Wooper's body and the bones on its head.

As you will have likely already gathered by this point, it was also revealed this week that Scarlet & Violet's new region will be called Paldea. Pokemon fans were also given a first look at some of the game's legendaries which look like motorcycles and can be ridden from the start. Fidough, a dog Pokemon made of bread, was also introduced, but his doughy physique wouldn't be as adorable as you might think if the Pokemon were to make the leap into the real world.

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