Pokemon Scarlet & Violet To Include Music By Undertale Creator Toby Fox

Undertale creator Toby Fox is not only behind one of the most popular indie games of all time, but is also pretty well known as a composer of excellent music. Undertale is full to the brim with amazing tunes, but even those who haven't played the game will likely be familiar with what is arguably his most stand out piece, Megalovania. More recently, Fox worked with Game Freak on a track for Pokemon Sword & Shield, although it was used for the game's optional Battle Tower. However, it seems like Game Freak was a fan of his work.

Announced by Toby Fox himself on his personal Twitter account earlier today, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will apparently feature several pieces of music from the Undertale creator, including the "field music" in the game which has been arranged into many different versions by Game Freak. Fox also mentions that there are other pieces of his music in the game as well, claiming that they're "not optional" this time either.

If you want to hear a snippet of Fox's work, the game's most recent trailer apparently features a little bit of it. Fox's announcement has gone down well with the community, and rightly so. His music adds a lot to whatever game its included in and Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will be a better game because of it. Looks like we have yet another reason to look forward to the game's release on November 18 later this year.

Of course, there are plenty of other reasons to be excited, as we learned that Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will be the first game in the series to be completely open-world from the get go. We also learned from this new trailer that the game will feature four player co-op, as well as what the game's legendaries will look like. There's also a lot of love for the game's new professors Sada and Turo, although that love has already spurred Pokemon fans into creating some pretty smutty fan art.

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