Pokemon Sword And Shield Tricked Trainers With A Magikarp You Couldn’t Catch

April Fools always causes a little bit of mayhem in our favorite games every year, but this year, Pokemon Sword & Shield players might have been trolled the hardest.

Sword & Shield received an update yesterday that replaced the Wild Area Event with Max Raid Battles against Magikarp. It was just Dynamaxed Magikarp as far as the eye can see. And the worst part about all those Magikarp raids? You couldn’t catch a single one.

That’s right: Sword & Shield trolled every trailer in the game by unleashing uncatchable Magikarp. Every raid ended with the same result of a slippery Magikarp escaping again and again.

This has got to be the coldest move ever made by a Pokemon game. Well played, Gamefreak, well played.

Meanwhile, on the official Pokemon Twitter account, it was just an entire day celebrating the worst Pokemon ever made. It was a 24-hour Bidoof fest, with gifs, videos, pictures, and every other media you could think of.

I mean, I love Bidoof, but yeesh.

Pokemon Go kicked off April Fools with a mischievous pokemon event that saw Aipom, Croagunk, and Purrloins appear more frequently in the wild. There was also a higher chance of Dittos appearing, too.

Also launched at the same time was a Team GO Rocket Timed Research that thankfully runs until April 8. Unlike the Aipons and Croagunks that have receded back to their normal spawn rates, this Timed Research should last long enough for you to actually get it done.

Outside of Pokemon, April Fools was a crazy day. For Honor swapped out its famous blood and gore with confetti and rainbows, while PUBG added a fighting chickens arcade game. In Valorant, all the melee weapons were replaced by toothpicks, while Razer came out with a new RGB hair dye.

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