Pokémon Sword & Shield: How To Find Drampa

Are you a fan of elderly dragons who enjoy burning down the houses of small children? Or maybe you just like burning down the houses of children? If so, then you need to hunt down Drampa in Pokémon Shield!

Where To Find Drampa

Unfortunately, Drampa is completely unobtainable in Sword, and is a pain to obtain in Shield. But, we have some houses to burn down, so where can you find Drampa? Grab your copy of Shield and head to the Wild Area.

You’re going to need some pretty specific conditions if you want to catch Drampa, as he only appears in three locations in the entire game. He can be located at the Lake of Outrage as a non-overworld spawn. However, he has a very low spawn rate in only one weather type, thunderstorms. If you do find yourself in these conditions, keep searching, and you’ll eventually find the dragon at around level 50. If you’re lucky, you also have the chance to find Drampa in some Max Raid Battles, specifically in Axew’s Eye and Rolling Fields. Of course, Max Raid Battles are random, so finding Drampa under these conditions could take some time. He’s quite the rarity either way you choose to hunt him.

If you’re looking for Drampa in order to add him to your competitive team… well maybe don’t do that at all, actually. Drampa is kind of a pretty bad Pokémon. While its special attack is fantastic, it’s lacking in most other areas, has pitiful speed, and doesn’t have the best type combination out there. However, like most dragons in the game, Draco Meteor is the most powerful move that Drampa has access to, so you’re going to want to teach it that as soon as possible.

Go Burn Those Houses Down

Beyond that, Drampa isn’t anything special. It doesn’t have a Gigantamax form, isn’t too competitive, and is the slowest boy in town. Still, he’s an arsonist’s dream, so you have that going for you. Finding this Pokémon is certainly a challenge, so if you manage to get it done, go and burn down the houses of children, you’ve really earned it!

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