Popular Garry’s Mod Addon Creator Is Surprising Players With Graphic Images Following Suspected Ban

If you were thinking about booting up Garry's Mod any time soon, you might want to check what addons you have installed, as a popular addon creator is surprising players with very graphic imagery following what seems like a suspected ban.

First shared by YouTuber Thafnine, players who open up Garry's Mod with a "GlueLibrary" addon installed are met with a notoriously graphic image known as "goatse" (trust me, do not Google it). Players originally thought that the original creator may have been hacked, but dive deeper into the lua files of any of their addons and you'll find an onslaught of curse words and death threats directed at Steam, Valve, and Gabe Newell.

It's not quite known as to what has prompted them to do this, although most people suspect the creator is reacting poorly to some kind of ban. If you're wanting to make sure your game is "goatse" free, you should probably delete "Glue Library", "Action Extension", "View Extension", and "Ambient Occlusion" addons and look for alternatives. In fact, the problem is so widespread that several creators have already shared similar addons and are marking them with the tag "Uninfected" and "SFW" to signify they're okay to use.

In other Valve-related news, the developer recently responded to the Team Fortress 2 community after several players staged a protest in an effort to get Valve to help with the game's bigoted and racist bot problem. While it didn't respond with any explanation as to what it's doing to fix the issue, Valve did promise players that it is "working to improve things." A small victory for the #SaveTF2 campaign, although fans will hope that Valve's words are quickly put into action.

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