Post Malone Just Spent $800,000 On Magic: The Gathering’s Most Expensive Card

Post Malone has spent $800,000 on a Black Lotus card, making it the most expensive Magic: The Gathering card ever.

Those who aren't too familiar with Magic: The Gathering might be surprised to know that world-famous rapper Post Malone is actually a huge fan of the tabletop game, previously playing the game on an episode of Game Knights and even announcing a collaboration with the game in 2022 to reboot Friday Night Magic.

All of that is good enough evidence that Posty loves Magic: The Gathering, but his recent purchase might have cemented it more than anything else. Post Malone appeared on the Howard Stern show earlier in the week, where he discussed his new album, sang a cover of a Pearl Jam song, and discussed topics like alcoholism.

In the midst of all that, Post Malone also announced that he recently spent $80,000 on a Magic: The Gathering card, making it the most expensive card of all time. When discussing Magic: The Gathering, Stern asks Malone what the highest amount of money he's spent on an MTG card is, to which Malone says "800,000".

Stern then reacts with surprise to the amount of money, before Malone explains that it's "an artist proof, Chris Rush-signed Black Lotus”. Howard Stern then quickly moves on from the conversation, talking about Malone playing Apex Legends and the process of creating music.

Black Lotus is a very well-known card which was only printed in Alpha and Beta sets and now sits on the Reserved List, meaning it's unlikely to see a reprint in the future, making it even rarer. The fact that it's a signed Artist proof only makes it that much rarer. The card itself is pretty controversial thanks to how overpowered it is, being banned from pretty much every format in MTG.

You might not be surprised to find out that a signed Black Lotus card was previously the most expensive MTG card out there, being purchased from an eBay auction back in January 2021 for $511,100.

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