Project Echoes Of The End Is An Upcoming Adventure Game Created In Unreal 5

Among all the announcements at the Koch/Prime Matter showcase, Echoes of the End was probably the most interesting.

The small section that was shown was only target footage, due to the game being developed in the newly minted Unreal 5 engine, but it gives a good idea of what to expect: swordplay, puzzles, and believable mocapped performances.

You play as Ryn, a female assassin who’s been tasked with offing some prince. She seemingly completes her task before the game begins, incurring the wrath of a group of elite protectors called the Guard Faithful.

After throwing herself into the sea to escape, she washes up on a beach near some ruins and is forced to team up with a scholar to escape. Of course, the Guard Faithful turn up and ruin their day, and there’s also a massive rock golem because this is a video game, after all.

Echoes of the End comes from Mykur Games, a studio based in Iceland. It promises world-class performances and cutting-edge mocap techniques to translate those performances into the game.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on it, Echoes of the End is likely still a long way off. It’s releasing for the new generation of consoles and PC when it’s finally done. Single-player only.

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