PS Plus April 2023 free games – Fans face longer wait for full reveal

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While Sony has already unveiled one of the PlayStation Plus titles for April 2023, fans face a slightly longer wait to find out what else is coming to the subscription service next month. Unfortunately for subscribers, the April 2023 PS Plus releases won’t be revealed until 4.30pm GMT on March 29. The games will be available to download less than a week later on April 4.

On the plus side, Sony has revealed one of the titles coming to PS Plus in April 2023.

According to a blog post by Sony, Meet your Maker will launch as a day-one release on PlayStation Plus.

Available to PS Plus Essential subscribers, Meet your Maker is described as a first-person building and raiding game set in a post-apocalyptic world.

Playable solo or with friends, users can create maze-like outposts full of traps and obstacles for other players to overcome.

Likewise, you can explore the outposts created by other players in order to retrieve the valuable materials at their core.

Outposts can be tweaked and upgraded after seeing how other players overcome your creations.

While the next batch of PS Plus releases are still a few weeks away from launch, the good news is that you still have plenty of time to download and play the March games.

This includes first-person shooter Battlefield 2042, Souls-like action game Code Vein, and Minecraft spinoff Minecraft Dungeons.

With its huge multiplayer maps and 128-person player count, Battlefield 2042 is undoubtedly the headline game in March.

“Experience the iconic all-out warfare that the Battlefield franchise is known for in Battlefield 2042, an exhilarating first-person shooter set on vast battlegrounds across the globe in multiplayer game modes that can support 128 players on PlayStation 5.”

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