PS5 start-up sequence and UI leaked online

An unverified video appears to show the PlayStation 5’s start-up sequence, alongside pictures of the console’s stand.

PlayStation 5 previews have been popping up from Japanese outlets, showing off some of the console’s games in action and confirming that its internal fans are incredibly quiet.

However, one person outside of Japan has claimed to have got their hands on a PlayStation 5 and offered to upload a clip of the console booting up in exchange for money.

Apparently, someone paid up because the clip is now on Reddit for all eyes to see and, though very brief, appears to show the start-up sequence, ending right when it gets to the log-in screen.

The video is still unverified, but what is shown does seem to be quite similar to the small teaser Sony shared back in June.

The person in the video is also holding a black DualSense controller, which some suspect means that the hardware being used is a developer kit.

The same user has purportedly uploaded some images as well, which can be viewed via Imgur.

One picture shows the console with one of the faceplates removed, which matches with previously leaked images from China.

Two of the others shows what looks like the stand that will come with the console, which will allow you to display it vertically.

The PlayStation 5 will launch on 19 November in the UK and 12 November outside of Europe.

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