PUBG Dataminer Claims Krafton Sent Someone To Their House Demanding Information

Massive battle royales like Fortnite and PUBG constantly face leaks. It's just the nature of the genre, with the constant additions that make them live games. This makes it pretty easy for dataminers to get their hands on information about upcoming updates, but the unprecedented success of these games have made it so that the devs are hardly bothered by leaks. Or so we thought.

If you're into PUBG, you've probably heard of and follow PlayerIGN, one of the most prolific dataminers of the game. If there's an update on the horizon, they probably know what it's going to be. What's great about dataminers is that their leaks are based on the game's source code, and not inside sources, making their information quite reliable. PlayerIGN's Twitter timeline is filled with datamined information about PUBG updates, and it looks like Krafton has finally had enough.

According to the dataminer's tweets, Krafton apparently sent a private investigator to their residence, with a letter from the company demanding information about their sources and how they get tips for the leaks.

"A private investigator was just outside my house just now handing me a letter re: KRAFTON having me take down all my social media posts of leaks, provide a full accounting of how much revenue I made, and provide all DM's of how I got said infos," wrote the dataminer on TwitLonger, a site that allows you to surpass Twitter's word limit.

PlayerIGN also provided some insight about how they get their information, and about their current state of mind:

• The leaks I get aren't me actively seeking out their people/systems for info, but mostly vice versa.

• The datamines I get of their skins, are from a website that gets updated early right before Test Server goes up. It's html. I [right-click > save] the images.

• I don't really know what to do right now. I just want to get some help before I make moves.

It's unclear if the letter given to them was a legal document, but considering that it was given via a private investigator, and not a lawyer, it's highly unlikely. We've reached out to PlayerIGN for more information.

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