Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart – Help Trudi Side Mission Guide

After meeting Emperor Nefarious during your second trip to Zurkie’s, Rivet and Kit will rush off to Sargasso to protect the morts from Nefarious’s attack. After taking down the ships and learning about Rivet’s backstory in the pocket dimension, step onto the teleporter to return to the Gelatonium Factory. Here you’ll see a mort standing next to Trudi the dragon. Walk forward to start the side mission Help Trudi.

If you’ve been following our complete walkthrough guide, you should still be missing one gold bolt, one piece of armor, and one spybot on Sargasso. You’ll be able to get all three collectibles by completing the Help Trudi optional mission.

Collect Zurpstones For Trudi (0-15)

The Mort will ask you to collect Zurpstones for Trudi. Walk to the left of Trudi and you’ll see a rift on a tall island on the left side of the factory. Pull yourself across and swing your hammer to collect four Zurpstones. Jump down to the right and collect three more below. Strike the nest and mount the Skeetle that spawns. Ride along the path as it curves counter-clockwise, making sure you run through all of the Zurpstone plants along the way. By completing this route you should have 20 Zurpstones. Return to Mort and he’ll ask you to collect 15 more Zurpstones. Luckily, they’ll all be marked on your map this time.

Collect Zurpstones For Trudi (15-30)

Run down the ramp opposite mort and you’ll find a stone underneath it and two more in the center of the island your now on. Ride the elevator next to the three blue buttons to find another. Drop down and look north, you’ll see a small island with a rift. Use your boots to fly towards it, double jump, and grab the rift as soon as you can. Grab the stone here then zip back across two separate rifts. Grab the Skeetle here and ride way out to the north, past the last island, until you reach a long ramp. Hold R1 and run up the ramp, launch yourself until a tall, rocky island to find another one. Head back to the factory and head around the right side of it. At the back is another Zurpstone. Back on the other side, head down the ramp, jump across the bridge, and turn right back towards Rivet’s Hideout. You’ll find another stone tucked away just inside the first door on the left. Back outside you’ll find five more Zurpstones near the buttons you used to unlock to door to the hideout originally. That should take you to a little more than 30. Head back to the Gelatonium Factory and trade Zurpstones with Mort for Ranger Boots

Collect Zurpstones To Exchange For A Spybot (30-60)

Mort will then ask you to collect the rest of the Zurpstones with Trudi’s help, so hop on Trudi and fly straight ahead and up to grab the third golden bolt from the center of a ring up on the mountain.

All your missing now is a Spybot, and you’ll need to collect all of Zurpstones to get it. Open your map and tag the closet Zurpostone you can see. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to collect any of the high-up Zurpstones for now. If you see one on a building or mountain that you wouldn’t be able to get to on foot, ignore it for now.

The best way to collect the remaining Zurpstones is to tag one on you map, then fly towards it until you can determine whether or not the stone is reachable. If the Zurpstone is on the ground or something you can jump to, land Trudi on the closest Trudi Perch you find and go grab it.

Continue collecting easy-to-reach Zurpstones until you have 45, then climb back on Trudi. Inexplicably, Trudi can now use her flame breath attack to collect the final 15 Zurpstones. Simply open your map, tag a Zurpstone, and fire your flame breath at it by pressing R2. It will only take a few minutes to find the last 15 Zurpstones. Regardless of whether the Zurpstone is on the ground or high up on a perch, Trudi can target the plant and collect the Zurpstone by launching a fireball at it. Once you’ve collected all 60 Zurpstones, return to Mort and collect the Sargasso Spybot.

With the collection of this Spybot, you should now have all three gold bolts, all four armor pieces, and the Spybot hidden on Sargasso. If you’re missing any of the collectibles here, check our full Sargasso walkthrough and collectible guide for anything you’re missing. If you’ve gotten everything you need on Sargasso, head back to your ship and travel to Savali to continue the adventure.

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