Real-life Tomb Raider hits London: Bows, ziplines, puzzles and MORE

Forget Madame Tussauds and The London Eye, there’s a brand new tourist attraction in London that’s perfect for gaming fans and adventurers. Located in the heart of the Camden Stables market, Tomb Raider: The Live Experience is part escape room, part adventure course, featuring puzzles, ziplines, car chases, and lots more. The aim of the experience is to find elemental relics, which can be used to thwart a rival archeologist’s dastardly plans for world domination.

From Croft Manor to Finland, sinking ships to scenic jungle courses, the real-life Tomb Raider experience packs in a lot of action to the near 2-hour running time.

There’s a fantastic amount of variety, mixing physical activities with traditional brain teasers, all within surprisingly elaborate sets.

Created by the team behind The Crystal Maze Live Experience, Tomb Raider Live also has its fair share of actors to help you along the way, and they all do a brilliant job of bringing the adventure to life.

If you’re claustrophobic and/or don’t like falling, there are even a couple of scary bits thrown in, just to further mix things up.

Little Lion Entertainment explains more: “You start your adventure as Archaeology students, out in the field in Finland, where you’ll get a message from Lara Croft. She has made a deadly discovery about a powerful ancient artefact, and wants you to join her in ensuring it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

“Escape a sinking ship, explore the jungles of Costa Rica, discover an ancient tomb and battle a secret order. This brand-new adrenaline fuelled attraction is complete with beautiful scenic worlds, includes live actors and characters from the Tomb Raider franchise.

“Tomb Raider: The LIVE Experience gives YOU the opportunity to become the hero, and let out your inner Lara Croft. Work through real life puzzles, collect relics, brave the zipline, climb through the assault courses in the jungle, and outsmart the enemies in this unique adventure.”

At £79 a person during peak times, it’s not exactly cheap, and there are times when you feel a little hurried, which isn’t ideal when you’re trying to solve certain puzzles.

It’s not that the puzzles are too taxing, but certain rooms contain quite a few of them, and you don’t always feel like you have a fair stab at each one.

Bigger groups should largely avoid this issue, with more players able to split up and tackle a wider range of puzzles in each set.

Pick the right time and you can also get tickets for as little as £44 per person, which is very good value for money considering the length of the experience and variety.

With free lockers, a bar, and an age range of 12-upwards (although they will need to be accompanied by an adult), Tomb Raider: The Live Experience is suitable for work gatherings, family days out and more, which is a big bonus. You don’t even need to be a Tomb Raider fan to enjoy it.

If you require more information, want to book tickets, or a sneak peek at some of the elaborate sets, head on over to the Tomb Raider: Live Experience website.

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