Red Dead Online: Best Robin Hunting Locations

Robins are a fairly common sight in Red Dead Redemption 2, at least in the central and northern states. You may also be tasked with seeking them out to complete Daily Challenges in Red Dead Online.

Robins can be sighted in most states across the American West, except for New Austin. They also avoid the Grizzlies West, though they’ve been spotted elsewhere throughout Ambardino. They are small, flighty birds, so we’d suggest going in with a pair of binoculars and perhaps using your Dead Eye if it’s not just birdwatching you’re there for. Now that you know how to prepare, here are the best Robin locations in RDR2 and RDO.

Best Robin Locations

West Elizabeth

  • The Aurora Basin, set far to the west in West Elizabeth’s Tall Trees, is usually flourishing with wildlife. That commonly includes robins, which you may find on all sides of the basin and for just a little bit further as you travel down the Lower Montana River.
  • On the opposite side of the Tall Trees region, along the border to the Great Plains, you can find robins southeast of Manzanita Outpost.
  • East of Quaker’s Cove is another good birdwatching point for sighting robins.
  • You can also spot robins further east off the coast at the corner of the bay, south of Blackwater.
  • Directly west of the town of Blackwater is also a prominent location for robin sightings.
  • There are long stretches along the Upper Montana River that are good for spotting robins as well. Namely near the river’s mouth, bridging the Great Plains and Tall Trees border, and as it flows out of the Owanjila up north.
  • The northwestern bank of the Owanjila is a promising location for sighting robins.
  • The northeastern slopes of Mount Shann are an unlikely place you may not have thought of for some intent bird watching, but you may very well find robins there.
  • Certain areas along Hawk Eye Creek are also good for catching robins, the most prominent spreading between the creek and Monto’s Rest.
  • In fact, it’s worthwhile to check along all of the rivers in the upper half of the state. Robins are commonly spotted all over the land north of Little Creek River at the very top of the state and spreading along the Dakota River, north over the border into Ambardino.


  • The entire stretch of land southeast of Cattail Pond in the Grizzlies West is one of the best spots to find robins in Ambardino.
  • There’s a small robin habitat that lies northeast of Cattail Pond as well.
  • Just below Calumet Ravine, you can usually spot robins along the western banks of Donner Falls.
  • The Northwestern banks of O’Creagh’s Run in the Grizzlies East are probably the best area to search for robins in this half of the state.
  • Moonstone Pond is another contender for the top spot; robins love the sparkling waters here.
  • After scoping out the land slightly north of the pond, head southwest towards the border of Cumberland Forest to potentially happen upon more robins.

New Hanover

  • The south half of Cumberland Forest and its southern border offer more areas for spotting robins than not. Remember to move silently through the forest and shoot from a distance back.
  • Trailing down from the southern border of Cumberland Forest, a long stretch of land running southeast of Citadel Rock is a prime location for finding robins.
  • North of Valentine, you may find robins across the land where the Dakota River crosses the border to Cumberland Forest.
  • All along the Dakota River dividing New Hanover and West Elizabeth is a great area to search. Both banks are likely to spawn the little birds, but there seem to be a few more common locations to this side.
  • South of Flatneck Station, you are likely to spot robins along the shore of Flat Iron Lake.
  • Further south, you can follow the road leading east from Flatneck Station to find plenty more flocks of robin on the way to Lemoyne.
  • A stretch of land is slightly north that runs through the central Heartlands, parallel to the last location.


  • The Scarlett Meadows is going to be your best bet in Lemoyne, the more so as you head south. Still, you may grab a few at a crossroads just above the “O” in Lemoyne falls on the map.
  • The top stretch of Ringneck Creek would be the next place to head from there.
  • Further west, there is a strip of the meadows running south through the Southfield Flats and down to Rhodes, where robins are commonly spotted.
  • Robins can be spotted in the southeastern region of Rhodes and spread all throughout Calliga Hall.
  • All of Braithwaite Manor and the land stretching north along the shores of Flat Iron Lake is another prime location for finding robins in Lemoyne.
  • You may find a few more robin further upstate off the northernmost point of a small bay in Flat Iron Lake.

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