Red Dead Online Bird Shooting Contest – How To Take Part In The Challenge

There are tons of challenges and missions you and your outlaw pals can take on in Red Dead Online, but even a simple one like a bird shooting contest can be tricky to start thanks to it being hidden in the menus. If you want to mark this daily challenge off your list, our guide will show you how you and your friends can get this contest started.

It would seem like a bird shooting contest would be a simple thing to get started in Red Dead Online, but if you want it to actually count towards the daily challenge you’ll need to do it exactly as Rockstar wants you to. Unfortunately, that means working with some arcane menus, but here are all the steps you need to know to take part in this challenge.

How To Start A Bird Shooting Contest In Red Dead Online

  • To begin you will need to join a server in Red Dead Online and enter free roam either alone or with a friend.
  • If you join alone, you will need to either get someone to join your persistent posse or join someone else before you can start the contest.
  • From here you need to open your menu and scroll down to the posse option.
  • In this menu go down to posse versus and then scroll down to bird shooting contest near the bottom.

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Once selected, you should get the notification to wait for the contest to start, and then it will begin with a five-minute timer and instructions to shoot the most birds mid-flight at the top. Whoever shoots the most birds in that time is crowned the winner. This contest will begin regardless of where you or your posse member are, or what time of day it is, so for best results pick a daytime location where you already see birds around.

Trouble Shooting

Starting this particular contest has been difficult for many players who want to complete this daily challenge. The option often appears greyed out and unselectable in the menu for seemingly no reason. If you have a friend with you, some have found luck in leaving the posse, having the other player start a new one, and joining theirs to get the option to start it.

Alternatively, if the previous fix doesn’t work, switching servers completely has helped solve the issue as well.

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