Redditor Makes Incredible Master Chief Bust Out Of 58 Pages Of Cardstock

Someone has made a model of Master Chief using nothing but cardstock and the end result is truly something to behold.

The gaming community is often tarred with a very broad brush. Stereotypes peg those with a penchant for playing video games as hermits. While those stereotypes might be true of some people, a large, very creative part of the expansive community is not given nearly enough attention.

People need to look no further than almost any video game convention for evidence of how creative video game aficionados can be. Some of the effort that goes into the cosplay and costumes worn during cons is downright unbelievable. But what to do for the rest of the year? Other than actually play video games, of course.

How about recreating one of gaming’s most iconic leading characters from nothing but cardstock? That’s what one fan of Halo‘s Master Chief decided to do recently. The end product can be marveled at below. According to a post on Reddit, the masterpiece was created using 58 pages of cardstock, 231 pieces altogether, and took 20 hours to assemble.

The trouble is, who exactly thought up and put together this work of art is somewhat up in the air. The photo of the finished product has been removed from Reddit due to its poster apparently bending the truth as to who birthed this magnificent cardstock Master Chief. Commenters quickly highlighted that the pic had previously been posted in other threads and seems as if the most recent poster of it was not its original creator.

Just because the artist responsible for this beautiful recreation of Master Chief is so far unclear doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it. Hopefully, they will come forward on Reddit or elsewhere and they can receive the credit they very much deserve. Perhaps they can create a few more cardstock video game icons. We would personally love to see Sonic, Snake, Crash, and Cloud take cardstock form. If someone would get right on that we’d be eternally grateful.

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