Resident Evil 2: Every Safe Room In The Game

Typewriters have been an essential part of Resident Evil’s core identity since day one. In the original Resident Evil, Typewriters functioned as save points and always let players know when they were in a Safe Room. The earlier Resident Evil games forced players to save with Ink Ribbons, something that’s been relegated to harder difficulties in Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil 2 (2019).

A much longer game than its source material, Resident Evil 2 doesn’t shy away from packing its level design with safe rooms. For as haunting as Resident Evil 2 can be, safety is almost always waiting around the corner. That said, this just means RE2 doesn’t need to hold back and offers places safe rooms in locations surrounded by enemies or easily accessible by Mr. X.

RPD Safe Rooms

The first safe room in Resident Evil 2 can be found in the Main Hall of the RPD. Marvin will be here as an NPC on a 1st Run before becoming a zombie, which he remains as in a 2nd Run. The Main Hall is notably the only safe room in the game with enemiez. Not just that, it’s the only safe room Mr. X can enter.

The Darkroom safe room can be found on the western side of the RPD on the first floor. You can turn on the lights by hitting the lightswitch on the wall and the backroom can be used to develop four photos throughout the game. The Darkroom also houses a Red Herb, Gunpowder, and 4 Handgun Ammo for anyone suffering some early game troubles.

The Janitor’s Room is a Leon exclusive safe room stationed right outside the RPD. Leon cuts through the Janitor’s Room as part of the story to get Club Key. Notably, the Janitor’s Room is the players’ main safe room before triggering Mr. X.

The Break Room is another Leon exclusive safe room, but it gets considerably more use than the Janitor’s Room. The Break Room will likely be a player’s main safe room as they’re clearing out the RPD, especially since Mr. X will be patrolling the halls. The Break Room is located on the eastern side of the RPD and there are multiple windows in the connecting hallway that should be boarded up ASAP.

The Chief’s Office is a Claire exclusive safe room and the only one in the RPD. The Chief’s Office will be Claire’s main safe room during the second half of the Police Station and is located on the second floor, in a generally safe area. As far as safe rooms go, the Chief’s Office might just be the safest.

Underground Facility Safe Rooms

The first safe room in the Underground Facility is found right in the Secret Room Claire and Leon unlock as they’re leaving the RPD for the first time. If you’re playing as Claire, you’ll find Gunpowder and 2 Flame Rounds inside. As Leon, you’ll find Gunpowder and 3 Shotgun Shells.

The next Underground Facility safe room is found just a bit ahead (almost defeating the purpose of the first safe room to begin with). The Operators Room serves as your main chance to go through your inventory before the first boss fight with G. More importantly, there’s a Hip Pouch in the room that expands Leon/Claire’s inventory by two slots.

Sewer Safe Rooms

Both Leon and Claire share the Monitor Room safe room in the Sewers, which is also where players have to solve the Chess puzzle once they find all the pieces. The Sewers are quite spacious and dense with enemies, so it helps to know where the safe room is. It doesn’t take long for the Monitor Room to become one of the most familiar safe rooms in RE2.

Leon’s exclusive Sewers safe room is the Water Gate, but he won’t get much use out of it before he eventually reaches the Monitor Room. Similarly, Claire’s exclusive Sewers safe room is the Office which is very quickly replaced by the Monitor Room in functionality. While these are the main Sewers safe rooms, they aren’t the only ones available to players.

Partner Safe Rooms

In typical Resident Evil fashion, control swaps over to another character during both Leon and Claire’s stories. In the case of Leon, you briefly take control of Ada Wong in the Sewers. Ada actually has access to two safe rooms down here: the Passage where she starts, and the Incinerator where her section ends.

In Claire’s playthrough, control swaps over to Sherry Birkin inside of an Orphanage. Unlike Ada’s gameplay section, Sherry’s is more puzzle focused. There’s a single safe room in the Orphanage all the way in the Director’s Room, right before the stealth sequence with Chief Irons.

NEST Safe Rooms

Unlike in the rest of the game, Leon and Claire actually share all the same safe rooms down in NEST – the final major area in the game. That said, how they go about NEST is fundamentally different as Leon still has Mr. X to deal with. The first NEST safe room is down at Reception right at the entrance.

After gaining access to the East Area, players can start using the Lobby as their Safe Room. The eastern Lobby connects to the Greenhouse where Leon will have to contend with Mr. X. While Claire doesn’t have Mr. X to worry about, both characters do end up fighting several Ivys.

The Server Room can be found on B2 of the eastern side of NEST, but the room the Lounge is connected to houses three zombies and two Lickers so be especially careful making your way in & out. It helps to clear out the Lounge entirely. Otherwise, don’t count on the Server Room as a reliable safe room.

The P-4 Level Testing Lab serves as the safe room before the third fight with G. The room itself won’t get much use as either character unless you end up struggling during the boss battle, in which case Resident Evil 2’s modular difficulty will inevitably even the odds in your favor.

The final safe room is found at the very bottom of NEST – the Escape Shaft Platform. From here, the end of the game moves on a timer and you need to book it out. While the finale stretch of gameplay is similar for both characters, Leon and Claire end up fighting different final bosses. Leon fights Mr. X, while Claire puts down William Birkin.

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