Resident Evil 2: How To Escape Irons As Sherry Birkin

The original Resident Evil 2 is often considered one of the greatest games in its franchise and for good reason. The sequel expands on the original Resident Evil in virtually every meaningful way, featuring more unlockables, a denser story mode, and an emphasis on action that doesn’t downplay resource management (on a first playthrough, at least). Rather than recreate the game 1:1, Resident Evil 2’s 2019 remake wisely chose to capitalize on an area where the original actually took a step back in: genuine horror.

The first Resident Evil has a B-movie quality, but it’s grounded in such a lonely, expansive, and morbid setting that the PS1 classic can offer up scares that just aren’t found in the more actionized Resident Evil 2. The Resident Evil 2 remake makes the game scarier in every sense, including a chilling set piece where Sherry Birkin has to escape from Chief Irons. Nothing in the original game even comes close to matching the sheer tension players will feel as they try to stealth away from one of the cruelest men in Raccoon City – and as a defenseless child, at that.

Breaking Out Of The Bedroom

It’s important to point out that Sherry’s first major puzzle is actually slightly randomized. Sherry needs to line up the symbols of four blocks to get a pair of Scissors. While the solution will always be the same, the blocks themselves start in a random order that can prevent muscle memory from kicking in across repeat playthrough. That said, solving the puzzle isn’t particularly difficult once you know the solution.

  • Top: Square, Triangle, Circle, Star, Triangle
  • Bottom: Circle, Square, Star, Square, Star

To begin the puzzle, Sherry needs to first pick up the Stuff Doll at the back of the bedroom. Inspect the Doll and open it to find a Block inside. Now place the Block onto the Block Puzzle itself and rearrange all the blocks to solve it. Grab the Scissors and use it to cut the duct tape holding up cardboard on the wall to reveal a hidden path.

Roaming The Halls

This next stretch of gameplay doesn’t involve any puzzle solving or stealth, but it’s where players have an opportunity to familiarize themselves with Sherry’s surroundings (which becomes incredibly important once Chief Irons starts hunting her down). Crouch through the wall and turn left to head deeper into the Orphanage.

Go through the door and hook right into the hallway. All the doors here are locked, but Sherry can pull the drawers out of a dresser to climb on top of them and slip through a nearby window. Sherry will drop into a Playroom where Irons will later follow her into, so take the time to familiarize yourself with the layout.

Irons’ Office

When you’re ready to leave, crawl through the archway and head into the main hall. The front door will be locked, but Sherry can find a door on the other side of the room that leads into another hallway. After passing through the hall, players will find a Typewriter where they can save along with the mayor’s daughter dead on a table.

While Chief Irons is listening to opera, walk over to his desk and grab the keys off the wall. A cutscene will trigger where Irons intercepts Sherry, only for her to break free by throwing acid in his face. Control will resume once Sherry makes it back into the hallway. From here, you’ll need to escape Chief Irons.

Escaping Chief Irons

Quickly turn around and run through the hall (a left and then a right). In the main hall, run up the stairs and go back to the Playroom. Irons will exclaim that it’s a dead end, but right now Sherry just needs to by some time. Crouch by the drawer/chair/towel clump between the cribs and wait for Irons to walk into the room.

Irons will topple the archway over and take an immediate left to circle the clump. Stay crouching and slowly circle the clump so Irons never catches sight of Sherry. Irons will walk down the hall and then double back, so keep to the clump. Once Irons breaks into a fit, run over to the other side of the room and hide behind the table by the bathroom.

Irons will come dangerously close to catching Sherry, but the burns on his face will force him to unlock the bathroom door and wash his face. Grab the key out of Irons’ back pocket and then run out of the playroom back into the main hall. Unlock the door into the west hallway with the key and run back into Irons’ office. While Irons catches Sherry, she’s saved by a deeply mutated G. From here, the segment ends and control swaps back over to Claire for the remainder of the game.

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