Resident Evil 3: Everything You Can Unlock With The Bolt Cutters

Raccoon City is a big place, especially in the Resident Evil 3 remake. While Capcom may have cut out a few fan favorite areas, the remake brings Resident Evil 3 to life in a way the original PlayStation never could. Nemesis may be a non-factor for most of the game, but RE3’s atmosphere and level design are second to none – arguably offering a more consistent experience than even Resident Evil 2 (2019).

While most of Resident Evil 3 is ostensibly linear, Raccoon City features more than enough secrets off the beaten path. Although Jill is best known for her Lockpick, RE3’s Bolt Cutters do offer a few useful items early. Resident Evil 3’s Bolt Cutters may not get as much use as the Lockpicks in the grand scheme of things, but they let players open up Raccoon City at their own pace.

Getting The Bolt Cutters

The Bolt Cutters are actually the first major item Jill gets her hands on in order to bypass Resident Evil 3’s many gate checks. Raccoon City is littered with padlocks and chains locking Jill out of key areas. The Bolt Cutters can be used to unlock chained doors, giving Jill access to the rest of Raccoon City.

The Bolt Cutters can be found inside of the Garage. Unfortunately, the path leading up to the Garage is blocked by fire. Jill needs to first head to Subway Office to get the Fire Hose. From Main Avenue, cut through Moon’s Donuts and exit onto the Business Street into the Kite Bros. Railway Building.

A zombie will come stumbling down the hall, but keep some distance and headshot from far away. The Fire Hose will be laying on the floor. Pick it up, head back to the fire, and insert the Fire Hose into the Fire Hydrant. Jill will clear a path to the Garage and the Bolt Cutters will be in plain view inside. From here, Jill can immediately use the Bolt Cutters on a locked door in the Garage – prompting a cutscene and opening up the rest of Raccoon City.

Getting The Shotgun

With the way forward opened, it makes sense to power through, but there are benefits to hooking back into Raccoon City. Notably, Jill can return to the Kite Bros. Railway Building and use the Bolt Cutters in order to unlock the Shotgun.

Cut back through the Garage and follow the path you initially took to get to Kite Bros. Railway. Inside the building, enter the Staff Room to see the Shotgun bolted up and a few lockers off to the side. Use the Bolt Cutters on the chains in front of the Shotgun and claim your new weapon.

Opening The Supermarket

With the Shotgun in hand, Jill can now blast her way through just about any situation. From the Subway Office, exit back onto the Business Street and return to Moon’s Donuts. Leave the restaurant towards Main Avenue and head to the locked up Supermarket across the street from Toy Uncle’s.

Use the Bolt Cutters on the chained door to unlock the Supermarket. Inside, Jill can find a First Aid Spray, High-Grade Gunpowder, and a Fancy Box with the Blue Jewel inside. With the Supermarket unlocked and the Shotgun obtained, there’s only one more chained door to pry open.

Business Street Alleyway

Head all the way back to Business Street and use the Bolt Cutters on the chained door leading into Side Alley. Be very careful entering, however, because there are four Zombies ready to ambush Jill. Slowly move in and lure them towards Jill until they’re all in range of the explosive barrel.

Simply the barrel to kill all the zombies at once, clearing out the Side Alley. Here, you’ll find Handgun Ammo, a Hand Grenade, and some Shotgun Shells in the weapons case up ahead. With the Bolt Cutter exhausted, Jill can now discard the item from her inventory.

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