Riot Reveals Most Played Valorant Agents In Every Region

Riot Games took to Twitter on Tuesday to reveal who the most played Valorant agents are in every region around the world, and the results may or may not surprise you.

Valorant has six regions spanning the globe; United States, Mexico, Brazil, Turkey, Russia and Korea. With those six regions, only two distinct agents earned the honors of being named the most played agent in a region; Jett and Sage.

You probably guessed who the first one was, because if there are two things thing gamers love, it’s dashing in and out of fights (much to the begrudge of their opponents) and relentlessly throwing knives at enemies while flying through the air. Jett is without a doubt one of the most fun characters in any first person shooter, with her high skill ceiling allowing players to flex their mechanical prowess to the lobby.


Jett also has become a favorite among Operator users, with her ability to snipe someone down, and immediately dash away to cover without any risk of being caught out. Jett’s aggressive, yet flexible nature has made her the most played agent in the United States, Turkey and Korea.

Sage however, might surprise some people. When Valorant was first released, pretty much everyone universally agreed that having a Sage on team is a must. However, when professional teams in the competitive scene started to experiment with Sage-less compositions, many players started to do so in their home games as well.

Although Sage was always useful with her resurrect and heal, having an agent other than Sage on a team allows for more utility within a composition.

Riot Games has also nerfed Sage into the ground in past patches. The developer reduced her heal from 100 HP over five seconds to 60 HP over 5 seconds. They also decreased her self heal from 100 HP over five seconds to 60 HP over 10 seconds. They also threw in major nerfs to her wall and slow orb. These massive changes made a lot of players straight up abandon the agent, however, enough still play Sage to make her the most played agent in Mexico, Russia and Brazil.

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