Riot’s Project A leaks, is apparently called Valorant

Riot Games’ tactical first person shooter may have had its name leaked early, as well as its first screenshot.

Last year, League Of Legends studio Riot Games announced a bunch of new projects, including a fighting game known only as Project L, but most of them have been shrouded in secrecy.

One of these titles is codenamed Project A and is known to be a tactical first person shooter, and now it seems to have had had its real name leaked, as Valorant.

Initially reported by Polygon, a fan account, ProjectAOnline, showed off a trademark made by Riot for Valorant that was discovered by some community members.

A Twitter account called PlayValorant was also found but it is currently dormant. It was made at some point earlier this month and hasn’t tweeted anything.

What purports to be a screenshot from the game has also somehow been leaked. Another fan account, ValorantTheGame, was able to share a high-quality version of what appears to be a character select/lobby, not dissimilar to Overwatch’s.

It features a character named Sage who, judging by the list of abilities, is likely a healer. We can also see on the left-hand side what could be other playable characters, although only the names for two of them are visibile: Viper and Brimstone.

Normally, we’d question the validity of this image, but an Overwatch pro named Tensa may have corroborated it by sharing it on their own account and explicitly comparing them to the characters Mercy and Moira from Overwatch. Given that Riot allowed the likes of Counter-Strike pro HenryG to try out the game, it’s possible that Tensa was able to spend some time with it too.

There’s also a good chance Counter-Strike player Swag has seen it too, as he’s just said he’s quitting CS:GO in order to concentrate on Project A, which seem an odd thing to do for a game that, officially at least, he hasn’t even seen yet.

The only thing Riot has shown so far is some early footage from last year, but it also seems to match up with the leaks. From 0:51 to 1:01, we can see the player character perform some sort of healing ability on another player and the hands and arms also match up with Sage’s design.

Of course, we’ll have to wait until we hear some official confirmation from Riot to know if any of this is real, but that may be sooner than you think.

The image on the supposedly official Valorant Twitter account has the number ‘02’ on it, which has fans theorising that we’ll learn some actual details on Monday, 2 March.

This is speculation, but definitely relative information.

— VALORANT / Project A (@ProjectAOnline) February 26, 2020

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