Risk Of Rain Remake Coming To Switch And PC 2023

Risk of Rain was the roguelite hit of 2013 that eventually migrated from PC to PlayStation, Xbox, and the Nintendo Switch. Now, Risk of Rain Returns will bring back the classic roguelite with enhanced visuals, new features, and lessons learned from Risk of Rain 2.

For those who didn't dive into Risk of Rain when it first arrived in 2013, the game is a 2D action platformer where you play as the survivor of a crashed space freighter on a hostile alien world. Your survivor has to fight their way through alien monsters, collecting items and boosting their abilities to eventually find a teleporter that will take you to the next level. Activating that teleporter starts a countdown that rains monsters on you (hence the name) along with a boss monster to close out the level.

What made Risk of Rain unique was its difficulty that scaled based on how long you lasted in your current run. The difficulty went up every five minutes, which meant the player had to choose between finding the exit as quickly as possible at the risk of not being strong enough for the next level or spending more time on the current level gathering more gear and resources to take on the future challenges at the risk of being overwhelmed.

Risk of Rain also kept players coming back with a collection of unlockable characters with each offering unique abilities to keep every run feeling fresh and exciting.

Risk of Rain Returns will be rebuilt with an updated codebase with "features and learnings from Risk of Rain 2," although publisher Gearbox Publish doesn't say which learnings from the sequel will be remade in the remaster. We do know that there will be new music from Chris Christodoulou, balance changes, both new and familiar survivors, new customizable survivor abilities, new items, new monsters, a new game mode, and revamped multiplayer that'll be easier for friends to play with. No mention of crossplay, though.

Check out the animated trailer above to get a sense of what you'll be in for. Risk of Rain Returns arrives on Steam and Nintendo Switch sometime in 2023.

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