Roblox: All Treasure Hunt Locations In Mining Simulator 2

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Rumble Studios has really outdone itself in the new time-limited summer event in Roblox Mining Simulator 2. The second part of the event has been released, and there is a ton of new content including the Gem Genie, two new eggs to hatch with plenty of new pets, a new layer in the time-limited Summer Fair, and most importantly, a treasure hunt!

Bruh Beard has shown up on the shores of the Summer Fair island, and he has lost his key. Helping him retrieve all the key fragments can get you a nice reward. You can use the hints of puzzles provided by him to locate the key fragments.

How To Start The Treasure Hunt

Foremost, you need to head to the Summer Fair island to locate Bruh Beard and take your first puzzle. For this, you will need to farm a total of one million blocks in the game, and then you can use Space Travel to get to the island.

Unfortunately, even though getting to the hunt itself doesn't require you to upgrade the Spaceship, the entire process will. Once you're there, find Bruh Beard on the beach on the left side of the giant wheel. Head into the Treasure Hunt circle to get your first clue.

First Fragment Location

The first clue shows a red building with wooden panels at the top. To find this location, you need to head all the way back to The Overworld, which is the first island that you spawn on.

While you're coming from Space Travel, cross the door that opens after mining a million blocks and the Blacksmith will be on your right side. Behind him, you will see a sort of furnace with a ladder beside it, don't worry about how or why it's there.

Climb the ladder and hug the furnace tightly, and then jump up. Once you've done that, you will get the first Key Fragment, and it will show on your screen for confirmation.

Second Fragment Location

Once you've gotten the furnace fragment, head back to the Summer Fair island to get the second clue. This one is pretty easy and straightforward. The only catch with it is that you require a Spaceship upgrade to access this key fragment.

This is because the second location is within the Cyber Galaxy. Head there and mine there until you reach the first checkpoint. The first checkpoint is called the Cyber Sewers, and it's where this fragment is located.

Find the green rocks in the little outpost at this checkpoint, and you will see a pipe in front of the green liquid. Don't worry, it won't hurt you. Simply jump at the top of these pipes, and you will acquire the second fragment.

Third Fragment Location

Head back to Bruh Beard once again to get the clue for the third location in this Treasure Hunt. Thankfully, you won't have to go to any other places for the rest of these, since they're all in the Summer Fair itself.

For the third key fragment, you need to fish at the right edge on the docks of the ocean. Simply walk on the beach until you reach the location shown in the picture above and fish at the very edge of the dock. Once you've done that, you will acquire the third fragment.

Fourth Fragment Location

You're halfway done, so head back to Bruh Beard for your fourth clue. This is another fishing one, but it takes you to the pond. Follow the water from the ocean to the river to finally reach the pond after crossing a bridge.

Find the rock structure at the back-right end of the pond and get right up close to it. Once you fish at the very middle edge of these rocks, you will acquire the fourth fragment where you can head back to the pirate captain to get your fifth clue.

Fifth Fragment Location

This is probably the trickiest fragment to get as it depends on other players on the server with you. To get this key fragment, you need to win the Tile Painter mini-game with a lead of exactly six points. If someone else is trying to do this at the same time, this can be extremely hard to achieve.

To make your life easier, simply hop from server to server until you find one where no one is trying to play this game. Once this is done, activate the first six tiles at the edge and wait for the timer to end. You will get the fragment once it's done.

Sixth Fragment Location

For the final fragment, you simply need to take the clue from the circle and then ride on the Giant Wheel right beside Bruh Beard. This fragment is a little janky, so you might get it instantly, or you might need to ride the wheel for a bit, but you will acquire the fragment here, finishing the Treasure Hunt.

Treasure Hunt Rewards

Once you've found all the key fragments for Bruh Beard, you will get an extremely generous reward. Head back inside the Treasure Hunt circle to claim this reward.

When you head back in, it will give you an option to claim a six-hour Super Lucky Boost, three-hour Omega Lucky Boost, and a copy of the legendary Bruh Beard pet. This pet can be equipped through items and the lucky boosts can be used when you plan to hatch a lot of eggs or open a lot of crates.

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