Roblox: How To Become A Demon In Project Slayers

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  • How To Become Demon In Roblox Project Slayer
  • Reach Level 15
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Project Slayer is an RPG fighting game in Roblox, that takes place in the world of the Demon Slayer anime series and manga. You have to create your character in the game and then decide on the side you want to take. You can follow the path of the demon slayers and slay the demons that are feeding off the humans. Or you can side with the demons and become one of them.

This guide will cover the method you need to follow in order to become a demon in the Roblox Project Slayer game. So let us get started.

How To Become Demon In Roblox Project Slayer

The game requires you to reach Level 15 to start working towards becoming a demon. You can do that by completing different quests that you get from the NPCs.

Reach Level 15

When you create your character in the game and complete the first training, you will get teleported to the Kiribating Village, which is the first safe zone of the game.

Here, you will find many characters standing in the village with who you can interact. First, head to the right side of the village from the main gate towards Sarah. She will be picking rice from her rice field. Interact with her, and she will ask you to help her in picking the rice. Go near the green circles and interact with them to pick the rice. You need to do it four times to complete the quest and receive some XP.

Another NPC goes by the name of Somi, who you will find near the main gate. Interact with her and she will give you a quest to eliminate five subordinates of Zuko outside the village gates. Go outside and defeat the thugs.

After defeating the thugs, go back to the village and interact with Somi. She will tell you to go again and protect her sister Riyaku from the thugs. This time, you have to carry the person marked in the middle of the thugs and defeat two of the thugs while carrying the hostage.

Go outside and press H on the hostage to carry her. Defeat two thugs while carrying her on your back and return to Somi. Interact with her for the next objective.

Your next objective is to go outside the village and defeat the boss Zuko. After defeating the boss, you will receive XP. Also, there is Somi's Grandpa inside the village who want you to complete a quest for them. Complete the quest to earn more XP.

Repeat these quests as much as you want until you reach Level 15.

Find Muzan

Once you reach Level 15, you need to find and talk to Kibutsuji Muzan. Muzan is the leader of the demons, who turns humans into supernatural demons by feeding them his blood.

Muzan spawns only at nighttime and in random locations on the map. A simple way to find Muzan is to head to the Butterfly Mansion and wait till night.

When the night arrives, look for Muzan inside the mansion. There is a slight chance that he spawns in the mansion. If he's not there, go outside the mansion and look around the area.

Finding Muzan is difficult as there are no fixed locations where he spawns. You can also buy a Muzan Spawn Pass for 600 Robux, which will show you the exact spawn location of Muzan at night.

Once you find Muzan, talk to him to get a quest from him. You will need to complete the quest to become a demon.

Collect Blue Spider Lilly Flowers

Your first task of the Muzan quest is to collect five Blue Spider Lilly flowers. These flowers are rare in the game and spawn at various locations.

Butterfly Mansion, Kiribating Village, and the Final Selection area are the spots where you will find two or three Blue Spider Lilly flowers together. Keep looking in the areas near these three locations, and you will find the flowers.

Bring Doctor Higoshima To Muzan

After collecting the required flowers, go to the Kiribating Village. From the village, go outside and past the Zuko fight area.

When you go past Zuko, head to the right. You will find a wooden slope leading to the top of the platform. On the top will be a small house. Enter inside the house to find Doctor Higoshima.

Carry Higoshima on your back and take him to Muzan at night. Once you give the five Blue Spider Lilly flowers and Doctor Higoshima to Muzan, he will give his blood.

Select Muzan Blood from your inventory and drink it. Once you drink it, you will become a demon.

There is a slight chance of the transformation failing. If that happens, you will have to do the quest all over again.

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