Roblox: How To Get Fire Shards In Mining Simulator 2

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There is a huge variety of ore found in Roblox Mining Simulator 2, and rightfully so, given that it is a game based around Mining. You start off at the top by getting dirt, Copper, Coal, Fossil, and Bones. Eventually, you will get to a point where you won't even bother with these anymore as you need higher quality ore like Fire Shards.

Fire Shards are one of the rarest ore, and they are required for a plethora of things like upgrading your Spaceship to level two or making a shiny pet at the Forge. Since they're so important, there are a few tricks that you can use to farm these Shards faster.

Where To Find Fire Shards

The mines in Mining Simulator 2 can be extremely confusing and misleading if you aren't aware of the location of the ore you require. As for Fire Shards, the players need to unlock the Molten Core region in the game. The outpost for this region is placed at a depth of 1,128 meters.

This is the fourth region within the mines after Hidden Treasure, Frozen Depths, and Gloomy Basin. You can look at all the regions on the left side when you're on the surface and directly teleport to the ones that you've unlocked. Once you've reached Molten Core, you can start finding Fire Shards as you mine more blocks. They become more common in The Underworld and Crystal Cavern.

If you're new to the game and want to catch a glimpse of these shards, you can sometimes find a direct hole from the top to the Molten Core region. These are made by players in the game sometimes, but you have to be slightly lucky to find them. This way, you can unlock the area before you have the tools to go there yourself.

How To Get Fire Shards Fast

Firstly, even if you've unlocked Molten Core, it doesn't mean you can start farming these shards. You require a tool called 'Flame Thrower' or better to mine Fire Shards. This can be bought at the shop in the Molten Core itself but costs four million gold. So, you'll have to grind for quite some time to acquire it.

Once you have the required tools and enough bag space, head over to Molten Core and start digging down. After going down for a bit, clear one of the blocks beside you and squeeze yourself into the block's position. Now, you can zoom out your screen all the way and rotate it around to see all ore locations near you.

Here, you can locate the nearest Fire Shard and dig towards it using this view only. This is an easier way to locate these shards, and you don't have to go through the entire mine to find them.

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