Rocket League x Star Wars: New Droid cars are ones you’re looking for

Star Wars Day celebrations are popping up everywhere, especially in video games. Just days after Epic Games added multiple Star Wars skins to Fortnite Battle Royale, Rocket League has introduced new vehicles based on the classic franchise. Coming to the item shop on May the 4th (aka Star Wars Day), the new Rocket League vehicles are modelled after famous Droids from the Star Wars series. This includes R2-D2, C-3PO, BB-8 and K-2SO.

Available for 800 credits, the R2-D2 Pack contains the R2-D2 Octane Decal, a set of R2-D2 Wheels and an R2-D2 Topper.

The BB-8 Pack also costs 800 credits, and comes with a Takumi Decal, BB-8 Wheels and a special BB-8 Topper.

Slightly cheaper is the C-3PO Pack, which costs 500 credits. It comes with the C-3PO Fennec Decal and a set of C-3PO Wheels.

Finally, there’s the K-2SO Pack, which contains the K-2SO Dominus Decal and a set of K-2SO Wheels. It also costs 500 credits.

You can see all of the Droid vehicles coming to Rocket League on May the 4th below…

Epic Games explains more: “Liberator of planets, saver of princesses, prison break expert, and forever friend. Who knew a little R2 unit could do so much!

“With the R2-D2 Pack, you’ll be ready to save the Arena from almost anything. Alongside the R2-D2 Octane Decal and matching Wheels, the animated R2-D2 Topper will swivel and flash as you guide your team to victory.

“If you prefer something new-school, get the Resistance rolling with the BB-8 Pack! These astromech droid–inspired Items will look great while you travel the far edges of the Arena in search of Boost.

“Like the R2-D2 Pack, you’ll get an animated Topper, so it’ll always feel like Poe’s best buddy has your back.”

As an added bonus, Rocket League fans can pick up a couple of free items by logging in and visiting the item shop on May the fourth.

This includes the free ‘Rust Bucket’ Player Title and an R2-D2 (Twin Suns) Player Banner. 

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