Rubin: Quest Should Get 'Really Big, Deep' Games In The Next Year

Facebook’s VP of Special Gaming Initiatives thinks we’ll see bigger, deeper games on Oculus Quest in the next year.

Jason Rubin said as much speaking to Protocol in an interview earlier this week. Asked if Quest could support larger, AAA games going forward, Rubin reasoned that the platform wouldn’t be getting games with graphics comparable to high-end PC titles anytime soon.

“So if what is meant by AAA is the graphic fidelity of Asgard’s Wrath, that’s not happening on a local headset, for the same reason that people can’t get those games to run on phones and anything else that’s battery-powered and needs to dissipate heat,” Rubin said.

But, if you put graphics aside, other elements of AAA titles, like deep gameplay systems and an expansive amount of content, are much more achievable on Quest. “If you get away from the graphic quality for a moment, and you get into the depth of experience, length of experience, craftsmanship of the experience, I think you can get some really big, amazingly deep games onto the Quest platform,” Rubin added, “and I think you’re going to see them in the next year or so. Depending on what we’re looking at, it’s more a budget/time issue than it is a graphic fidelity/processor issue.”

Oculus Quest has had a great first year with plenty of amazing new games and ports of older titles, but it’s also true that the platform doesn’t have many narrative-driven, multi-hour adventures to undertake. Meanwhile, the Oculus Rift platform has big titles like Lone Echo 2 and Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond on the way. We’d love to see those games come to Quest too, even if it meant sacrificing graphical fidelity.

What AAA titles would you like to see come to Oculus Quest? Let us know in the comments below!

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