Rumored Live-Action Pokémon Series Coming To HBO Max

HBO Max is rumored to be working on a live-action Pokémon TV show to help it compete with streaming giants Netflix and Disney+.

Despite the streaming world being full to the brim right now, HBO still plans on throwing its own hat into the ring later this year. HBO Max is scheduled to launch in May 2020 and even though it will feature some pretty significant original content, stealing people away from Netflix and Disney+ is going to be tricky. HBO better have a couple of big projects up its sleeve.

According to We Got This Covered, it really does. Rumor has it HBO Max will play host to a live-action Pokémon TV show. If true, it will feature Ash, Brock, and Misty from the original animated TV show, and might even take place in the same universe as Detective Pikachu.

Chances are the success of Detective Pikachu played a big role in this potential TV show. The movie grossed more than $430 million at the box office and proved that video game movies really can work. Whether HBO has some sort of deal that allows its rumored show to take place in the same universe or not, if done well, any Pokémon TV show is going to do well. It’s exactly what HBO Max will need to make a mark on day one.

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