Rustler Is GTA Set In Medieval Times (And It’s Just Been Funded On Kickstarter)

Open-world medieval action game, Rustler has reached its Kickstarter goal after only two weeks. So far thousands of people have contributed, and with a few more days until the end of the campaign, there are still more goals that can be unlocked.

The game is being made by Polish developers, Jutsu Games together with publisher Games Operators. Despite reaching their target, they’ve added more goals to further improve the game. Some of these include weapons, additional side-missions, a third region, a multiplayer mode, and two DLCs.

According to TheGG, Rustler is an open-world, top-down action game with a similar style and gameplay to GTA2. It takes place in a medieval setting and has Monty-Python-like humor, meaning there’s lots of slapstick gags and pop culture references. Players get to use a range of weapons including crossbows, spears, turds, and swords. Horses can also be used as a weapon to run over your foes or innocent people.

The story follows a poor peasant called Guy, who fakes nobility to get into The Grand Tournament. To win, he’ll have to do some bizarre missions like convincing the round-earthers that the world is flat and help the Knights of the Holy Grail to make the best moonshine possible. The game also allows you to form alliances and double-cross your enemies in order to get what you want.

As with many open-world games, you don’t have to follow the story. Instead, you can cause chaos by stealing horses, fighting with people, smoking weed by accident, and shoot cows into the sky. There are also some built-in mini-games like jousting, and illegal medieval martial arts fights, as well as side quests like finding certain kinds of horses for a weird stableman. Another fascinating feature is the ability to hire your own bard who acts as your personal radio station and provides the soundtrack when you go into battle.

There is no shortage of open-world games, but Rustler seems to have struck a nerve with people who love its premise and are eager to explore medieval times. From the looks of it, fans of GTA will be impressed with the irreverent humor and even stranger missions. With the Kickstarter target already reached, it seems like only a matter of time until we see Rustler in action. According to its profile, the game will be released “When the time comes.”

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