Sable: The Watch Walkthrough

Sable's open world is full of exciting things to find across its six varied regions. The dusty dunes host several sights, including The Watch, an astrological installation in The Wash region of the map. The Watch is home to a large-scale puzzle that's part of the 'An Eye To The Sky' side quest.

Completing this quest and The Watch's sundial puzzle will reward you with a ton of lore about the game's solar system, a new item of clothing, and a Machinist's Badge, which can be used to acquire the Machinist's Mask.

Where Is The Watch?

The Watch is on the South Eastern part of The Wash region. Use your glider to travel to this location, and you should see a very large dome building from a distance. The entrance is directly up the stairs of the structure. After crouching through the opening, you should be greeted with the sundial puzzle.

If you want to initiate the 'An Eye To The Sky' quest beforehand, travel to the Marrow Bone Station in the same region. This station is closer to the center of the area. The camp is easy to spot since it's literally a station surrounded by the giant skeletal remains of a beast. Speak to Machinist Kalaan, and they'll give you the quest before you depart.

Solving The Sundial Puzzle

The sundial may look intimidating due to the room and contraption's large size, but solving the quest is relatively quick when you understand it.

Scan the large room until you can see the Face Door on the other side. Climb the stairs to reach it, then climb another set of stairs to the platform above the Face Door. Interact with the sunstone here to initiate the puzzle.

You can find the Azure Dye for your hoverbike on this platform above the Face Door.

Around the room, there should be three switches on the same level as the Face Door. Find all of them and interact with them to turn different sections of the sundial. The goal is to make all the separate sections glow blue, so keep turning the sundial's sections until they're all blue and the spheres fit within the ring.

Once you've done this, return to the Face Door. Just outside the Face Door, you'll find a sun orb that you can pick up and carry along with pedestals that have different symbols on them. If you look off the ledge, you'll see corresponding symbols on one of the sundial's rings. One of the symbols on the sundial's ring will glow yellow once you pick up the sun orb. Take the orb and insert it into the pedestal with the matching symbol. For example, if the beetle symbol is glowing on the sundial, insert the orb into the beetle pedestal. The Face Door will unlock after this.

Enter it to find a recreation of Midden's solar system. There'll be a treasure chest with the Machinist's Trousers in here. Return to Machinist Kalaan to complete the side quest.

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