Saints Row 4’s Update Is Apparently As Buggy As The Reboot

Back in August, the Saints Row reboot arrived as a buggy mess, leading to poor reviews and a promise from Volition to clean things up. To their credit, a few updates here and there have indeed improved Saints Row significantly since its launch, which should give them just enough time to clean up their second mess with Saints Row 4: Re-Elected Edition.

Re-Elected Edition arrived on December 8 as a free update that activated crossplay and unlocked all previous-released DLC. That sounds like a pretty simple update that wouldn't mess with Saints Row 4's systems all that much. After all, most of that DLC was already present in the game's files. However, Saints Row players are reporting a litany of issues, from poor PC performance and "severe lag," corrupted save files, broken mods, and a bug that causes the game to crash on startup.

Fans that are stuck with the crash-on-boot problem might want to try a completely fresh re-install to get around that issue, but everything else is going to have to wait on a fix from Volition. Thankfully, Volition has advised fans that it's looking into problems with Re-Elected Edition on PC and is asking for feedback in posts on both Reddit and Steam.

"We are aware of a number of issues occurring with the SRIV Re-Elected upgrades on PC," wrote Volition, listing off the top issues as corrupted saves, Saints Row 4 not starting on Epic or Steam, the game's legacy branch pulling the wrong build on steam, and broken mods. Volition is asking fans to post their problems to Plaion's official support site, and also send their save files if they're having trouble with a corrupted save.

Many fans are asking Volition to simply roll back the update and try again once they've figured out what went wrong, but it might not be that simple. In the meantime, fans will have to be patient as Volition tries to get to the bottom of this one.

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