Salt And Sacrifice: All Classes, Ranked

As the successful sequel to Salt and Sanctuary, Salt and Sacrifice is the type of game where choices matter. You need skill, understanding, and the right class if you want to succeed. This only makes finding the best class for both you and the game you're about to play quite a challenge.

While the best class all depends on how you prefer to play and what your strengths and weaknesses are, it's undeniable that some classes in Salt and Sacrifice are much better than others. However, in this exciting 2D souls-like, you'll need to find the right class, the right weapon, and obtain the right skills if you want to succeed.

8 Duelist

The Duelist is a speedy fencer who thrives in close-range combat and is relatively versatile in its attacks. While it may not be useful at a range, this class often has the speed and the mobility to stay out of harm's way with their dodge.

The only issue with the Duelist is that's all they can really do. They're a good fighter but can't seem to block well at all, meaning you could get hit a lot until you've perfected the dodge. The Duelist's positives are things the other classes can do just as well, in addition to their own specializations.

7 Assassin

As the sort of rogue of Salt and Sacrifice, you'd expect some quick hits, a lot of damage, and a great dodge. And you'd be mostly right. After all, more hits mean more damage, so it almost works out the same way. Nevertheless, the Assassin can do more than just hit and dodge; they're actually great at both close and long range, making them pretty versatile.

The only issue is you start off with an incredibly low poise and basically have no defense, meaning dodging is the only way to effectively stay safe. This is much like the Duelist, except the Assassin is quicker and much more adaptable.

6 Ranger

From a quick look, the Ranger sits almost in the middle of the eight classes. They're often described as the jack of all trades but the master of none – which isn't necessarily a bad thing. This makes them particularly versatile and really allows you to get into manipulating how you want to play the character.

Ultimately, the Ranger is great at long and short distances and can hold its own in most battles. It's ideal for anyone who wants a blank page to play from but isn't the most beginner-friendly class in Salt and Sacrifice.

5 Highblade

The Highblade is almost as quick as the Assassin and incredibly deadly. This class thrives on the Samurai techniques, which makes it an ideal class for those who prefer offense over defense. This is primarily due to the extra hit points and the fact you'll need to invest in stamina to fully reach this class's potential.

The Highblade is great with melee but also has some ranged attacks if you want to stay out of an enemy's way, but the real power lies in melee due to the impressive dodge and decent parry. Nevertheless, you'll need to prioritize stamina over anything else if you want the Highblade to succeed.

4 Fighter

One of the main frustrations about most of the classes in Salt and Sacrifice is their inability to effectively block damage. Most of the time, a class can do one or the other, which limits playstyles and can frustrate certain players. Luckily, if you like giving both a try, the Fighter is the way to go.

This class has a great block that is almost guaranteed to save your life, and its armor has also got decent defense stats, just in case you can't dodge out of the way quick enough. It's worth mentioning that the Fighter is far from the quickest class in the game, but it's definitely one of the most powerful.

3 Sage

For some people, the fact that the Sage is one of the best classes in the game may come as a surprise. After all, this can be a tough character to play at the beginning due to the fact it's pretty weak. However, stick with it, and you'll find that power coming in when you really need it.

The Sage is great at both long and short-ranged attacks while still having some powerful skills to back up any attacks you choose to make. After a tricky beginning of the game, you'll never look back.

2 Paladin

If you thought the Highblade needed good stamina management then the Paladin is a whole new challenge. However, they're a challenge you'll want to pursue, mainly due to the raw power they possess. The Paladin seems like it was made for a tough boss. They have fantastic buffs and a strong attack to fell the enemy quickly and efficiently.

If you can't quite get them down quick enough, you don't need to worry too much because this class has a great defense to keep you fighting longer. Just be careful when blocking; it's not something you should do constantly lest you get staggered.

1 Cleric

The Cleric is arguably the most beginner-friendly and one of the most powerful classes in Salt and Sacrifice. It's easy to understand, enjoyable to play, and won't leave you too frustrated. Despite being relatively weak in the beginning, this is the kind of class you get to experiment with and watch as they grow in power.

It's that healing spell and great stats that allow anyone to jump in and try out new things. It has versatility and ease of play, which are what make the Cleric the best class in Salt and Sacrifice.

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