Salt And Sacrifice: Corvius’ Mire Walkthrough

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  • How To Get To Corvius’ Mire
  • Darkearth Lair
  • Foulmurk Marsh
  • How To Beat Marega Gredanya
  • Obtain The Luminstone
  • Verdant Ruins
  • The Great Tree
  • How To Beat The Sapblood Heart
  • Veruna’s Shrine
  • Betrayal Crag
  • Fetid Ruins

After conquering Ashbourne Village and Bol Gerahn, Salt and Sacrifice has a new area to offer you. In true Soulslike fashion, Corvius' Mire is a poison swamp, though this aspect of the region isn't as frustrating as it would be in other games.

You'll still have to deal with poison, caves, and old ruins as you sweep up the bosses and their loot in this area. Pack a few antidotes, make sure your armor is well-kept, and get ready for a tricky area to navigate.

How To Get To Corvius’ Mire

You’ll get the rune combination for this area while in Bol Gerahn. You need to acquire the Magnesin Supply, devour the hearts of the Named Aeromancer and Terramancer, and then make your way to the Bol Gerahn Temple. Here, you can pick up a Filthy Key which unlocks a door to some sewers. Inside, you’ll meet a guard who tells you the code.

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Darkearth Lair

When you first arrive in the Mire, the only place you can go is the exit in the west. Explore a little first to get a feeling for the area. Be wary of the water; standing in it will poison you gradually.

Once you’ve entered Darkearth Lair, start exploring. Right under the entrance, you can find some Twin Frospyr but beware of the holes in the ground. They’re hard to see, but they’re spike traps and deal a lot of damage. Be very wary as you make your way through this area.

Heading to the west directly from the entrance will lead you to your first Mimic – you can’t roll away from its initial attack if you try to open it, so just attack it. Thankfully, defeating it will refund a Hearthen Flask charge. The exploding puffballs are the third trap you’ll deal with within the first minute of entering this area. Roll out of their clouds as soon as you can, or you'll get poisoned

Hidden slightly to the southwest of the first cluster of puffballs is an obelisk, grab it. Move to the west again, and you’ll quickly come across the first Named Mage Hunt in the area – it’s Por Myec, the Fungalmancer. You’ll need to defeat him to access more of the area anyway, so you might as well take care of that now.

For strategies on beating the Fungalmancer and all other Mages in Corvius’ Mire, click here.

To the east of the Hunt's starting point, you can loot a semi-hidden sack for a Sunfire Mushroom. Head as east as you can go from here until you hit a wall with a drop. Fall down and jump over the trap to loot the sack.

That’s all we can do here for now. With the Fungalmancer slain, you can head through the sealed door on the east side of the area.

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Foulmurk Marsh

Run along the very bottom level of this area until you reach a stone building at the east. Platform up, and you’ll reach a sack containing a Blueblossom. Double back on yourself and then use the convenient grapple points to reach an obelisk – handy for resting and restocking.

Just to the west of the obelisk is a Magnesin pulley that leads to a second Magnesin pulley. These form a neat shortcut to the entrance of Darkearth Lair.

Head east from the obelisk using the grapple points that lead upwards, and you’ll eventually run into the boss of the area: Marega Gredanya.

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How To Beat Marega Gredanya

Marega Gredanya makes for an interesting boss fight thanks to the mooks she can summon, though not overly difficult as long as you keep your wits about you.

Marega Gredanya Attacks

  • Summon Poppet: This is Marega Gredanya's main gimmick. She will create a green glow in her hand and summon a Straw Poppet that will also attack you. When she is low on health, this ability summons two poppets at a time. The poppets can make quick strikes or diving attacks.
  • Swamp Bomb: The boss will rise up into the air and fire a green skull at you, which then explodes. It has quite the range, so move quickly or attempt to roll through the damage window.
  • Melee Combo: This combo consists of a claw swipe and a staff whack. It's a basic attack and easily dodged.
  • Staff Smash: This is a single swing with the staff that crashes onto the ground. Easily dodged, but quite fast.
  • Invisibility: Marega Gredanya can make herself invisible for a short while. You can still tell where she is from her shadow on the ground, but her attacks are far harder to predict.

Merga Gredanya Strategy

  • It's quite easy to get overwhelmed in this fight, especially as more poppets are summoned. It's important to keep in mind that the poppets will disappear on their own after a short amount of time. Don't go out of your way to kill them.
  • Rolling through the Swamp Bombs is easier than creating distance, as the boss has a mean aim.
  • When the boss turns invisible, it might be better to just keep your distance so she can't get you with a hard-to-see melee attack. Use this opportunity to use your ranged attacks.

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Obtain The Luminstone

Once you beat Marega Gredanya, grapple on over to the platforms to the east, and take the Luminstone from the corpse there.

You can use this tool while standing in stone circles to create temporary, ethereal platforms that allow you to reach new areas.

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Verdant Ruins

The area below the entrance has some pieces of loot to find, a few enemies, and a shortcut to the bottom half of Foulmurk Marsh to open. You’ll really want to be heading upwards, though. When you spy a blowdart-wielding Fertile Priest on a platform just out of your reach, use your ranged weapon to knock it out. Otherwise, it’ll interrupt your platforming to the east.

Be wary of the spinning traps in this area. They will spin three times before resting for a moment. The game likes to use them as hazards during platforming segments, so get the timing down perfectly.

You’ll encounter a chest with some Wispleaf in it shortly. Perhaps a hint of challenges to come?

There’s a Luminstone jumping section to the west that has tight timing, but the other end holds a Shimmering Bud and Inquisitor Amben, if you talked to them in the previous area. If you fall down the hole, on the other hand, you’ll be faced with a very tough Eigdalian who will likely one-shot you after the fall damage you sustain. If you beat it, however, you’ll get a Moss Brick. The sealed door here requires four Named Mages to be slain to open.

Head further up, and you’ll find a level that opens another shortcut. This time, it’s to the east side of Corvius’ Mire. Just north of the shortcut is the Hunt for Ghor Lorhotha, the Corpumancer. To the east of the Corpumancer is a secret passage – just walk into the darkness. There is a small gap that you’ll have to jump over, but there’s a sack of loot at the end.

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The Great Tree

The Great Tree is the gigantic structure in the middle of Corvius’ Mire. To get inside and climb it, you’ll need to have slain two Named Mages in the area – the Fungalmancer and the Corpumancer. Once you’ve done so, head to the west of the initial obelisk and climb upwards before grappling across to the sealed door to the tree.

Climbing the tree is a simple matter of using wall jumps, the Grappling Hook, and delicate timing. Be wary of the spinning traps and mosquito-like Bleeder enemies, and be sure to grab the obelisk halfway up – you’ll need to grapple across to it. Above the obelisk is a Grimgrip Cap.

The level above the obelisk has two exits, one on the east side and one on the west. The east exit leads to a sealed door that requires three Named Mage hearts, and the west exit leads to the Veruna’s Shrine area. Ignore them for now. Instead, head upwards inside the tree to the Sapblood Heart boss fight.

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How To Beat The Sapblood Heart

The Sapblood Heart will begin the fight in a dormant state, hanging from the ceiling. Shortly, a white spirit will form and then enter the Heart, awakening it and letting it start using attacks. As the fight goes on, more spirits will enter the battlefield and start attacking you. If you manage to damage the Heart enough, you can knock the spirit out of it, but another one will fill the space shortly after.

Sapblood Heart Attacks

  • Fog Breath: The Sapblood Heart faces one side and breathes in, taking lots of fog inside its mouth. It will then burst in the direction it's facing. This is easily rolled through.
  • Fog Burst: This is the same as Fog Breath, but the burst is a close-range area of effect centered on the Heart, not a ranged attack.
  • Plunge: The Heart slams its sword down to the ground. There is also a slashing variation of this move with two strikes.
  • Rush: The Heart runs towards one side of the arena. Roll through it.
  • Spirit Shot: The spirits that float in the air will periodically shoot you with ghostly bullets. These will be the main hazard of the fight during the second half.

Sapblood Heart Strategy

  • Try to deal as much damage as you can before the first spirit takes control of the Heart at the start of the battle. The more damage you can do before the screen gets filled with spirits, the better.
  • Don't try to attack the spirits. The Sapblood Heart itself is your only target in this fight.
  • This fight is all about timing your dodges, so consider taking equipment off until you reach a low equipment load.

Once you beat the Sapblood Heart, head up the ladder on the left and use the Luminstone inside the circle. You’ll learn the rune combination that allows you to travel to Dreadstone Peak.

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Veruna’s Shrine

To reach this area, take the western exit from the obelisk at the top of The Great Tree.

Just underneath the entrance to this area, you’ll find the beginning of the Named Mage Hunt for the resident Mechanomancer, Anamus Kane.

The top part of this area is blocked by a sealed door that requires three Named Mage Hunt completions. Behind it, you’ll find more of the area to explore, starting with a chest containing the Corvin Set. Heading northwest from this chest through the use of a grapple point will lead you to the hunt for the Nameless Mechanomancer. Head northeast, however, and you’ll find an Exotic Strand.

Now head to the bottom of Veruna’s Shrine, and you’ll be able to unlock a shortcut that leads to Corvius’ Mire, right above the entrance to Darkearth Lair.

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Betrayal Crag

This is the area to the east of The Great Tree.

Take the lower path in the main area, dropping down the platforms, and you’ll eventually find a corpse that lets you start the Named Mage Hunt for Luxian Steel-Glass, the resident Luminimancer, and just under that is a shortcut to the Verdant Ruins.

At the start of this area, you’ll find a Luminstone Circle. Use this and immediately exit to the main area to the east. Jump up the two ethereal platforms and grapple to the higher ledge. Up here, you can make your way to the Emerald Tome of Fates and also encounter Inquisitor Selet if you’ve been keeping up with his questline. Exhaust his dialogue and learn about his past.

Across from the entrance to the area you’ll find an Abnormality guarding some valuable upgrade materials.

If you drop down from the wooden platforms and veer to the west, you’ll drop onto a new piece of land. Head west, and you’ll eventually come out at the top of Corivus’ Mire. There’s another Abnormality here to kill, as well as plenty of annoying Bogflies who love to poison you.

Once the enemies are dealt with, grab the sack on the top of the wooden platforms. Now, look at the grapple points that head to the east, underneath the ground you’re standing on. Fall and then use the grapple points to swing east, and you’ll end up above the entrance to the Verdant Ruins. Here, you’ll find a chest containing the Herbalist Set, a Magnesin pulley shortcut, and the Nameless Corpumancer Hunt.

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Fetid Ruins

Head to the southwestern corner of Darkearth Lair, and you can use your new Luminstone to access a new area – the Fetid Ruins. Grab the Elder’s Set from the chest above the obelisk, head down, and then grapple over the poison lake – but not before grabbing a sack with a Dragon’s Tongue inside. When you reach the eastern side that also has a Verdant Knight, activate the final Luminstone Circle and head east instead of west – there’ll be an ethereal grapple point and a platform that you can use to reach a sack containing some Voidepyr Trios.

Move into the next area, which has stone walls, and head upwards. After some easily-dispatched enemies and some basic platforming, you’ll reach a chest containing the Oceye Set and some Goldenpyr Trios. The door next to this chest leads to the lower end of the Verdant Ruins.

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