Samuel L. Jackson Is Playing Garfield’s Dad

Despite previous attempts to turn Garfield into a big-screen success fallng flat, even with Bill Murray attached to the projects, Sony is having another crack at making it work. Chris Pratt was revealed to be the voice of the lasagna-loving feline in the animated flick, right after he was also confirmed to be the voice of Mario in Nintendo's upcoming feature film. Turns out Garfield is going to be pretty star-studded, as now Samuel L. Jackson is attached to the project too.

IGN reports that Jackson will voice an entirely new character in the Garfield universe, Vic. Vic is Garfield's dad, someone who fans of the comic have never been introduced to beore. That also means Pratt and Jackson will (sort of) be reuniting on the big screen outside of the MCU. With the Guardians of the Galaxy's journey seemingly coming to an end after vol. 3, Garfield could be the next and only time we see the two in the same movie together.

As for the role Jackson's Vic will play in Garfield's life when he shows up in this movie, that remains unclear. In fact, the entire plot for the animated film is still unclear. Even though the Garfield comics aren't exactly known for their deep and meaningful storytelling, the script has been written by David Reynolds. Reynolds wrote the script for Disney's Finding Nemo, so there's a strong chance it's pretty darn good.

While Jackson being cast in a role such as this one, and pretty much any role he has ever played, will be met with praise, news that Pratt will voice Garfield was not. The Jurassic World star isn't exactly the most popular person in Hollywood right now due to some of his views, and that popularity was only dented further when Nintendo revealed Pratt to be the voice of Mario. Revealing that Pratt will also voice Garfield immediately after didn't go down too well at all.

While pretty much everything is fair game when it comes to remakes and reboots right now, Garfield getting so much love is somewhat surprsing. Not only is the orange cat getting his own movie, but he's also a part of the Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl roster, and will apparently be getting three games of his own. Here's hoping at least one of them is better than Garfield Kart.

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