Sci-Fi Survival Horror Syndrome Is Getting Nintendo Switch Port

Will 2022 be the year of survival horror? Not only are we getting the remade version of System Shock (barring any unforeseen COVID-related delays), but we're also getting more Dead Space news, and now we’ve just been told that Syndrome is getting a Switch port.

Syndrome first arrived back in 2016 after being greenlit on Steam. A survival horror first-person shooter, Syndrome has the player character waking up from cryosleep on a spacecraft only to find that everyone on board has been killed and there are horrific biomechanical monsters roaming the ship. You must search for survivors and discover what the hell happened as you try to escape.

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Right off the bat, Syndrome warns players in the game description that they're better off avoiding combat by sneaking around rather than blasting their way through each encounter. Enemies will investigate noises, so it's important to be as quiet as possible as you proceed through this dark and claustrophobic ship.

Making matters worse is how the player character seems to be suffering from hallucinations, making it difficult to determine what's real and what's not. An alien artifact brought aboard the ship might have something to do with that.

I'm getting some big Dead Space vibes from Syndrome, so if you're into that style of game, then you'll likely find Syndrome scratches that survival horror itch.

The port is being handled by Red Deer Games, who pick up from Big Moon Entertainment after the Xbox One, PS4, and VR ports were made back in 2017. There's no word on when the Switch port will arrive, so patience is a virtue and all that. But if you just can't wait, the Steam version is on sale for 70% off during the Steam Winter Sale.

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