Season Of The Chosen Comes With Long-Requested QOL Change For Destiny 2

Season of the Chosen is here, and with it came a lot of changes to Destiny 2. Swords got a 15% damage nerf while rockets got a huge damage buff. The Umbral Engram system is back with a new set of weapons and armors to focus on, and there’s a brand new seasonal event where you kill a whole bunch of Cabal warriors.

But the change that Guardians seem most excited about is a simple QOL fix for the humble Gunsmith. Instead of only being able to deposit 20 Gunsmith Materials at a time, players now only need to click once to dump as many Materials as they have towards the next rank-up. This cuts down the number of clicks players typically needed from five to just one.

On the surface, this might seem like a tiny and almost insignificant change, but to Destiny 2 veterans, this is like finding the Holy Grail and climbing the Matterhorn on the same day. There are more than a few long-haul Destiny fans that have over 10,000 stacks of Gunsmith Materials just because they couldn’t be bothered to hand them in to Banshee-44. Cutting the time it takes to get your rank-ups down by one-fifth is a huge time saver and something that players have been asking about for ages.

It’s not just the Gunsmith either. Handing in Vanguard Tokens to Zavala now uses the same one-click system. Shaxx doesn’t even need you to hand-in tokens anymore. That system was deprecated with Season of the Chosen so that there’s a new Valor rank-up system that provides PvPers with masterwork materials at certain tiers.

On top of that, the weekly bounty grind has been replaced by a new weekly challenge system that should cut down on player FOMO. If you miss a week’s challenge, you can always do it later in the season to make sure you never miss out on that sweet sweet Bright Dust.

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