Sega Will Be Unveiling A "New Project" Next Week

It seems Sega has something major in store for us next week. The Sega Japanese Twitter account has made an "Urgent notice" about the fact that there will be a "live broadcast" on June 3 to announce "Sega's new project".

While we have no way of knowing what this new project will be, the tweet mentions that the reveal broadcast will feature appearances by Hiroyuki Miyazaki and Yosuke Okunari, and will be hosted by Misuzu Araki. The tweet finally trails off with "Does that mean?" and shows a picture of a chocolate cake or a pastry in the shape of a Mega Drive controller.

As theorized by VGC, the presence of both, Hiroyuki Miyazaki as well as Yosuke Okunari suggests that Sega may be ready to announce a new mini-console. The two announced the Mega Drive Mini together in 2019 at the Japanese Sega festival, so maybe Sega is sticking to the same formula, keeping the duo together.

Aside from being the content lead for the Sega Mega Drive Mini, has been with Sega for over 15 years and is currently a producer working on the retro re-releases that the company has lined up. Miyazaki is currently an executive manager at Sega. While he has worked on a number of projects in the past, his most recent role was that of project lead on the Mega Drive Mini.

Sonic is probably Sega's most popular IP. So much so that the games have inspired two movies, which are now both more popular than the games. The popularity continues, as a third Sonic movie is in the works and it looks like a certain pink hedgehog will be making an appearance.

During a recent Q&A session, writers Patrick Casey and Josh Miller were asked if Amy will be making an appearance in the third movie. Instead of a straightforward "no", the writers beat around the bush a little, saying that things were still “in the works”. While this hopefully means that Amy will show up at some point, it could just as easily mean nothing, as the movie is still in the early stages of development and the writers wouldn't want to give anything away.

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