Shame Of The Year: PowerWash Simulating And Halo Campaigning

I’m not very good at New Year’s resolutions because I don’t make them to begin with, but 2023 is as good a year as any to start. Since my work revolves around video games and generating content about them, it only makes sense that my newly crafted resolutions would center on that as well. I am 100 percent ready to commit to these new-year promises to myself and to feel all the shame when I fail to live up to my own expectations! Bring it on!

Play Through Every Game On Xbox Game Pass

This is perhaps my most unrealistic resolution, but it’s one that’s mostly about the journey, not the destination. Game Pass’ library offers so much, and I’ve barely scratched the surface. I want to take true advantage of the collection in 2023. I’ll probably fail, but even if I only play one third of the games there, I’ll still call it a success!

Convince More People To Play PowerWash Simulator

Not enough people in my circle of friends and coworkers have found the joy of PowerWash Simulating. This year, I’m going to try converting convincing at least five others to play my all-time favorite game of 2022. PowerWash Simulator is the most satisfying game I’ve played in recent memory, and more people need to experience the sublime nature of scouring virtual grimy surfaces with a simulated pressure washer. That final shimmer of cleanliness and the resounding click-DING! when completely cleaning a section is an unparalleled Pavlovian feeling of rapture. So like…yeah, people need to play it.

Play More Of My Coworkers’ Game Recommendations

Game recommendations are a two-way street. How can I expect people to play games that I want them to if I’m not willing to do the same for them? So as part two of my plan to get people to play PowerWash Simulator this year, I’m also aiming to be more engaged with what my fellow TG editors and specialists are diving into. Plus, my coworkers all have eclectic good taste, so I can’t be in for a bad time.

Play Through Every Halo Campaign On Legendary

I love Halo, plain and simple. I like playing through the campaigns over and over again. I do this once a year anyways, so I may as well make it an official New Year’s resolution. Whether I play it solo or co-op, I’ll go through Halo CE, 2, 3, ODST, Reach, 4, Guardians, and Infinite on Legendary by the time 2023 ends.

Stop Feeling Guilty About Gaming-Related Goals

Guilt and I go together hand in hand. I feel guilty about logging on for work slightly later than I usually do. I feel guilty about DMing someone a reminder that a task needs to be done. I even feel guilty writing a feature because who in the world wants to read what I’m writing? But almost nothing compares to the guilt and shame I’ll level at myself for anything related to video games.

There have been boss fights I struggle with that the entire internet seems to think are a breeze, and I’ll feel intense shame at not being as good at the game as I thought I could be. I’ll suck eggs and be bottom-of-the-leaderboard levels of bad at multiplayer matches, and my esteem just takes a nosedive. I won’t play as many games as my coworkers do, and I’ll feel like some kind of fake “gamer.”

This year, I want to stop treating video games as a test I can never pass or a skill I can never master and just focus on the fun. There is immeasurable joy to be found in games, almost miraculously so, and I want to hold onto that feeling for all of 2023.

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