Sims 4 Discover University: Passing Your Degree Without Passing Out

If you’re looking for an in-game challenge in The Sims 4 then Discover University can provide one. While it isn’t difficult to get a place at the University of Britechester or Foxbury Institute, actually completing your degree without ending up in an exhausted heap on the floor isn’t so simple. So, if you’re looking for tips to get ahead in your career and gain that degree then look no further.

Applying To University

You can help your sim prepare by getting ahead before you even apply. Each degree has associated skills that you can boost before applying to increase your chances of being accepted to the course of your choice. Having some core skills at level 3 or above will increase your chances of being accepted onto the distinguished courses.

You’ll need to attend rabbit hole lectures, complete a piece of homework, and then do one extra task per class. This will be producing a presentation, taking an exam, or writing a term paper. All three of these finals are time intensive.

Passing an exam will require you to revise and then attend the last class of the week, during which the exam will be taken. A presentation will often be poor quality at first and will need to be tweaked. It can also only be presented during daytime hours, so be careful not to miss the deadline. Finally, a term paper will also need to be both written and edited for maximum reward.

How To Balance Your Sim’s Life

The first tip is to take an elective class. Each term you are allowed to take one elective and your sims performance in this class won’t affect their overall grade, it just boosts skills in that subject area. This means that it can be a “free” class and you can spend less time on the work. You will still need to do the majority of it but you don’t need to put the same amount of effort in.

Starting a term in the middle of a sims week is also a great hack as each one runs for five working days. This means that a term started on a Tuesday will end on the following Monday. This gives you the weekend to finish studying, writing and doing homework before submitting everything on Monday.

The other tip is to reduce the classes per term. While taking only three classes will mean an extra term, it makes a huge difference in how much free time you have.

Extra-Curricular Activities

A huge part of enjoying the University experience is having time to discover what the universities are all about. Roughly speaking Foxbury is science and tech-focused with a modern campus, robotics club, and lively spirit squad. Britechester is, in contrast, more traditional with a humanities and arts focus and a thriving debate club. There’s also a secret society to discover and so much more.

If you take a full timetable of four classes you will find it difficult to be able to partake in these other activities, unless you are using needs cheats. Just keeping on top of work and basic needs will consume the vast majority of your sims days, if you are to gain a decent grade.

For those willing to cut corners and scrape by you can do more but this is very risky as you could easily end up on academic probation and possibly get kicked out of university altogether.

Passing Your Degree Without Passing Out

The key to success is planning. Keep an eye on your calendar to make sure you know when classes are, as attendance is vital for good grades. Then let your sim go down a little early. You can do homework standing outside if you need to cram more in before class and will still get credit for being early.

Taking notes in class boosts grades, as does editing term papers or presentations before submitting. Prioritize your finals as they take the longest. Homework can be done in small batches around other things, whereas term papers need a computer and presentations require the board in your inventory.

Plan for at least a four-term course, especially if this is your first university journey. The difference between three and four classes per term is quite considerable in terms of workload, especially if one of your classes is an elective. This way you can fully enjoy the university experience.

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