Skull & Bones Will Reportedly Be Re-Revealed Next Month

Skull & Bones may have had a turgid time during development, but Ubisoft seems to have course-corrected in recent months and things now look to be back on track. In fact, things are going so well that the publisher is reportedly getting ready to re-reveal the game next month.

According to industry insider Tom Henderson in an article for Try Hard Guides, Ubisoft is planning to show off Skull & Bones once again around the week of July 4. We apparently won't get much from the re-reveal, but Henderson claims that the developer will announce a release date and will finally show off some in-game footage as well as other details. He also claims the game will launch on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X, and Google Stadia.

Despite hearing almost nothing since the game's reveal all the way back in 2017, there have been several signs over the course of the past few months that the game is not only alive, but will actually release pretty soon. The most recent evidence that suggests this is a new rating from the Australian Classification Board. While the rating doesn't reveal a release date, it does include the game's production year is 2022, hinting that the game could even release in the next six months.

It was also reported back in April that internal playtesting had begun, and what appeared to be a six-minute tutorial video showing off some rough gameplay leaked as a result. While neither of these hints come directly from Ubisoft, a more official clue that Skull & Bones will launch soon came during Ubisoft's latest financial report, in which the publisher revealed the games it has coming out this fiscal year, one of them being its multiplayer pirate game.

In other Ubisoft-related news, it was revealed that CEO Yves Guillemot will have his pay for 2022 cut by 30 percent due to the publisher missing out on financial targets. Instead of his regular €1.03 million salary, Guillemot will only be taking home €624,824 instead. How will he ever cope?

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