Skyrim Fan Recreates Riverwood In Far Cry 5

More than a few of you out there have certainly started a Skyrim playthrough by heading to Riverwood and then immediately murdering everyone in the town. And then moving on to Whiterun and doing the same thing. Then Riften, then Solitude, and then Windhelm. Skyrim gets to be a pretty lonely place by the time you're done, but there's a certain peace that comes from ending all life in several dozen square kilometers. Or maybe that's just me.

I only mention this because you'll get a very similar feeling walking through Riverwood in Far Cry 5. Using Far Cry's extensive mapmaker, YouTuber Mojo Swoptops recreated Riverwood in exacting detail, right down to the towering pines and the clucking chickens. The only thing missing is the people.

It's not perfect, mind you. Far Cry 5's map editor has over 9,000 objects that you can use to create custom maps in both single and multiplayer, but it doesn't have every texture that Skyrim used to create the quaint Nord town. The signs are missing their logos and there are a few other small details that get washed out, but otherwise, you'd almost think that you're walking through a heavily modded version of Skyrim rather than an entirely different game.

Mojo Swoptops seems to have gotten a really good handle on Far Cry 5's mapmaker, with recreations of other Skyrim locales, Helm's Deep from Lord of the Rings, and even parts of Limgrave from Elden Ring. Head on over to their YouTube channel for even more recreations and even timelapse footage of how they make such stunning works out of a relatively simple editor.

Far Cry 5's map editor is so good that it's gotten some players in trouble. Another YouTuber by the name of Krollywood recreated all 18 levels of N64's GoldenEye in Far Cry 5, only to have them all removed after MGM issued a copyright strike. Here's hoping Mojo Swoptops doesn't run afoul of Bethesda's lawyers.

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