Skyrim Mod Makes It Playable At 60fps On PS5 With Trophies Enabled

You won’t have to wait long for the inevitable Skyrim PS5 port to play the game in 60FPS as one mod has just released that lifts the cap. As an added bonus, there’s a workaround so that it doesn’t disable trophies, either, so you can play Bethesda’s hit RPG without losing out on achievements.

The mod is simply titled ‘Skyrim @ 60fps’ and it’s from a user called Wrighton. Perusing his profile, you can find the same mod albeit with FOV alterations to boot, these being increases to 85, 90, and 120.

You can, as these are made for the platform, use these mods on PS4 and PS4 Pro but, naturally, unlocking the FPS cap on the less powerful hardware might cause some performance issues that the PS5 would otherwise take care of.

While trophies are still enabled with this mod, utilizing others in conjunction will, unfortunately, still disable them altogether. This means that both next-gen platforms can now play Skyrim at 60FPS, with Fallout 4 even joining in on the fun over at Xbox.

But, how are trophies enabled? Surely,’s automatic system disables them at the gate when you decide to download Wrighton’s mod? There’s a workaround that’s detailed in his description – you simply download and enable the mod, restart Skyrim, delete and disable the mod, and voila.

The problem is that, if you decide to do this, you have to re-do it each time you close and open Skyrim. If trophies are that important, this might be a little bit of an arduous task for each boot-up. However, if they matter as much as having 60FPS does and you can’t wait for an official Bethesda upgrade or port, then this is, unfortunately, the only currently available workaround to have both. It’s certainly something to tide players over, and going back to 30 after experiencing Ralof’s silky smooth animations in 60FPS is nigh impossible.

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