Some Of The Best VR Games Are Bundled For Cheap Ahead Of Half-Life: Alyx

We’re still a month away from the release of Half-Life: Alyx, so if you want something to fill your time until then, Humble has a fantastic bundle chock-full of VR’s best games. Like all of the company’s bundles, you can get more games at different payment tiers and choose where your money goes: to the game developers, charity, and/or Humble itself. Superhot VR and Moss headline the bundle, though you’ll need to pay $15 USD to get both of those games. The best part is that all of these games are redeemable on Steam and compatible with most VR headsets.

The first payment tier starts at $1 and gets you Cosmic Trip and Smashbox Arena, both of which have “Very Positive” user reviews on Steam. The next tier is to pay more than the average amount that users are donating–at the time of publishing, that’s $14.28. That gets you Gorn, Budget Cuts, and Space Pirate Trainer. All three of these games are excellent. Gorn and Space Pirate Trainer have an “Overwhelmingly Positive” user rating on Steam, while Budget Cuts has a “Mostly Positive” rating.

And lastly, there’s the highest payment tier of $15. This gets you two of the best VR games out there today: Superhot VR and Moss. Superhot VR is my personal favourite, as the slow-motion world that only moves when you move makes you feel like John Wick. In Moss, you help a brave little mouse named Quill on her adventure by solving puzzles and fighting enemies.

The Humble VR Bundle is available until March 3. The great thing about Humble Bundle is that you can pay $1 for the first two games now, and if you decide you want more, you can upgrade your donation later. If you still don’t have a VR headset to call your own, then be sure to check out our guide to the best VR headsets for 2020, which goes in-depth on all of their features and Half-Life: Alyx compatibility.

Pay $1 or more to unlock: