Somebody Made Jeff Goldblum In Skyrim, And He Acts Exactly The Way You’d Expect Him To

In a seven-second clip posted on Reddit, user OB1KENOB gave us a look at Jeff Goldblum in Skyrim, who does exactly what you think he’s going to do: dances around shirtless.

Are we even surprised at this point?

It’s common for Redditors to do strange things with Skyrim, such as running it on the smallest possible screen or adding in Gandalf to fist bump you. It’s almost become something of a challenge among the community to see who can come up with the weirdest, funniest, or most nonsensical mod for the game.

This isn’t the first time the Jurassic Park star has been associated with Skyrim. In 2018, he did some “impressions” of various game characters as part of the Jurassic World press tour, including Super Mario Bros, GTA V, Metal Gear Solid, and, yes, Skyrim. These readings, most without any context as Goldblum has admitted he isn’t much of a gamer (despite having appeared in Jurassic World Evolution as Dr. Malcolm), delighted fans, as it was done with his signature snark. Since then, fans have been modding the actor into a variety of games, with Skyrim just being the most recent.

The model in this particular clip has been mapped with Goldblum’s face, slightly flattened and distorted by the graphics but still recognizable, bearing a signature smirk. For seven seconds, he dances around in an only slightly unnatural, broken fashion, spinning around the frame with his arms and neck twisting. It’s a marvel of modern video game graphic achievement.

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The comments on the post offer a mix of reactions from confusion to baffled entertainment, with one user commenting, simply, “Sexy.”

It seems that Goldblum’s status as a communal meme is well set and will continue to entertain us in new, slightly unsettling ways.

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