Someone Made Silent Hills In Dreams

P.T. arrived on the PS4 on August 12, 2014 and subsequently entered the nightmares of players everywhere, and has become legend. The creepy hallway that looped over and over again. The shadows created by perfectly atmospheric lighting. The sense of unease and spookiness pervaded every drop of this free-to-download "playable teaser". It served as a prelude to a Hideo Kojima game called Silent Hills.

Based on Konami's classic horror series, this project was eventually cancelled and P.T. was removed from the PS store, much to the disappointment of horror and Kojima fans. But its influence and legacy remains in fan remakes, and one of them has made their version of Hideo Kojima's Silent Hills for everyone to play. It even features Norman Reedus (sort of).

DrJones20 has made their own version of Silent Hills in the game creation suite Dreams, which is available on PlayStation. Developed by Media Molecule, Dreams is a powerful game-making tool supporting a vibrant community of makers. Those who don't dabble can check out and play literally thousands of independently made games, as well as artworks and music videos, among others, through Dreams.

"Based of P.T, Silent Hills is a vision of how the game could have been — Domestic homocides are soaring in the town of Silent Gill and the local police is overwhelmed," reads the game's page. "Jeffrey Harper, a cop from Brahms, is one of many sent to help the Silent Hill police.

While first published in February 2020, DrJones20's game has been updated and now features much revamped visuals, making their Silent Hills even more atmospheric. They also released a neat comparison video over on the Playstation Subreddit to show off their efforts (shown above). It's impressive stuff. As they explained on the Reddit post, they were disappointed to learn the project had been cancelled, "so felt compelled to make it".

"It's insanely good!" commented one Redditor on DrJones20's creation. "Everything but character model looks like PT graphics".

You can check out the game in Dreams by searching 'Silent Hills (Full Game)' and you can also find its webpage here. For those who own Dreams, which is often on sale, it'll be free to download just like all the games available in Media Molecule's title.

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