Someone Modded Elden Ring’s Message System Into Fallout New Vegas

It’s pretty much a fact that any game can be improved by adding Elden Ring’s multiplayer messaging system to it. While the majority of messages would undoubtedly convince you to “try finger, but hole”, the system itself is pretty handy and can be used in many ways to help out other players. It would be especially helpful in any game that had you exploring dangerous wastelands, and Fallout New Vegas has arguably one of the most treacherous.

In comes modder TommInfinite, who has created the Building Bridges mod for Fallout New Vegas players to use based on Elden Ring’s messaging system (thanks, PCGamer). In their YouTube video showing off the mod, the player can be seen popping down a piece of paper and then typing the message “try jumping”, a classic Elden Ring phrase that has undoubtedly taken the lives of many trusting and unaware Tarnished. A different player then comes along, reads the message, and then jumps to their death.

This messaging system even has a one-up on Elden Ring’s as players can choose to type in whatever message they like, rather than be limited to a certain amount of phrases and words. Granted, the system will doubtless still be overflowing with Elden Ring and Dark Souls references, but at least you can warn players of a nearby Deathclaw without having to refer to it as a dog or a crab.

Similar to Elden Ring, TommInfinite’s mod also has a rating system that actually plays into how much you can utilize the messages themselves. Rating people’s messages give you levels that allow you to leave longer messages in bigger numbers. Get yourself a hit message and you’ll be able to leave hints and tips all over the Mojave. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, you can download the mod via the Nexus Mods website. Just be sure to take note of the requirements before you do.

In other modding news, Elden Ring modders have been making the game much more difficult for themselves, having already developed a randomizer mod to truly spice up your adventures across The Lands Between.

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