Someone Played Minecraft With A Bop It

Admittedly, Bop It is before my time, but I have played with the little twist and turn toy, but never to the extent that this YouTuber has. Seth Altobelli has modified his Bop It to play Minecraft.

He transforms the Bop It into a finicky input device that works with his PC. The Bop Its usual interactable elements have been modified to work as button prompts for the game with added motion controls to turn or move the cursor. It’s plugged into his PC through a wire, as well. In the video, we get to see the creation process as well as some gameplay showcasing it in action.

They go mining, get geared up, find diamonds, and even peruse the Nether all with a Bop It in hand, their trusty tool. That is until eventually, they plummet to their death. This video is titled “Making Technoblade a Bop It That Controls Minecraft” and it was spotted by Kotaku.

The description stated, “In this video, I make Technoblade, a Minecraft YouTuber and anarchist, a Bop It that can be used to control Minecraft. The goal of this video is for me to send the Bop It to Technoblade so that he can make a video similar to his beating Minecraft hardcore with a steering wheel one.”

It’s certainly an ambitious goal. As of writing this, it’s sitting at 198 views. If it spikes, perhaps Technoblade will notice and take on the challenge. It’d be intriguing to see the Ender Dragon felled by a man wielding a Bop It of all things.

For now, we have access to footage of a man using a Bop It to go for a mining trip, fight off some mobs, killing some hapless chickens while doing so, and exploring the perilous sun-scorched Nether with its glaring red-tinted atmosphere.

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